• McDonald’s business Economic • Due to

• McDonald’s business is also under the control of government’s rules and regulations in issues pertaining to health license, employee laws, tax issues etc.
• It follows foreign investment and local government’s policies on its franchise business. Political instability of local state affects McDonald’s business
• Due to international business McDonald’s faces taxes, and revenue measurement in different country. International currency fluctuations lead to difficulties in McDonald’s global food distribution.
• Changing lifestyles affects McDonalds.
• Customers expect high service quality and latest facilities. These ever-changing demands are different in different societies and countries.
• Example- Indians Prefer vegetable, Muslims avoid pork. Therefore, McDonalds needs to do some market research and thus provide an effective food menu.


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McDonald’s produces in their own kitchen and uses technologies such as special control devices, temperature regulator, inventory upkeep, point of sales systems and communications.
• The technology they use has helped in improving staff productivity, communication amongst teams, and produced food quickly to meet their customers expectations.
• McDonald’s use eye catching visuals of menu including nutritional information to attract customers.
• They also provide free Wi-Fi to encourage more customers to order and stay.

• It is extremely necessary to follow some basic or advanced rules and procedures. For example, in Muslim countries, McDonald’s is required to have Halal Food authorization.
• Generally, the legal issues have not been a problem for McDonald’s but their growth and development in India was affected by legal factors.
• India’s market penetration was really difficult due to strict government policies. The Indian government tried to protect the local businesses.
• “Make in India” campaign is also making it challenging for foreign companies to penetrate the local market.



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