1.1 policies and procedures are: Behaviour policy

February 13, 2019 Teaching

1.1 Summarise the policies and procedures of the setting relevant to promoting children and young people’s positive behaviour
In schools there are sanctions in place to remind students that bad behaviour will not go unnoticed and will be punished for the bad behaviour towards other people. Some of the ways schools deal with these with policies and procedures are:
Behaviour policy is one as it reminds staff members the action they need to take when managing a pupil’s behaviour and so the staff can apply it in school consistently with familiarising themselves with it.
Rewards and sanctions is another one as this way when a student is being good and having a positive attitude they are able to be rewarded for showing that this is the way to behave and modelling to other students as well this is a good way to be. With sanctions, having a clear and structured approach to show what is expected and the consequences for the inappropriate behaviour so the students knows this is what happens if you are not correctly behaving in class.
Dealing with conflict and inappropriate behaviour in school is another way as the school will have a guidance on how to manage the more difficult behaviour. As this way you will know the course of action to go to with the certain behaviour that is displayed by a student. As the more of a clear structure there is to the rules, they are more likely to follow the rules in place as it will be more understanding with what will happen.
1.2 Evaluate how the policies and procedures of the setting support children and young people to: feel safe, make a positive contribution, develop social and emotional skills, and understand expectations and limits
They make a child feel safer as if they experience any bullying, they will know it is against the rules so explaining to a staff member, they will know it will get dealt with in the correct manner. This way the bullies as well, will be given a sanction for their behaviour to remind them that is not the way to behave. The policies also supports the children into making the right choice and correctly appropriately to the school rules. This way the students will be rewards for the good behaviour to show we do notice and there are good things for good behaviour. This way students are more likely to have more positive contributions. When it comes to developing social and emotional skills, it will help support them with being more of themselves and more confident about expressing their emotions to staff, especially if it is to do with another student involved. As this way they can be more open with the created safe environment. Understand expectations and limits also supports the children with the policy as it allows the children to understand clearly what we expect for them with their behaviour and learning in the schools rules. Giving them a clear understanding of what we expect and the consequences if they do the wrong things will allow them to realise what they can and cannot do.

1.3 Explain the benefits of all staff consistently and fairly applying boundaries and rules for children and young people’s behaviour in accordance with the policies and procedures of the setting
If all staff are using the same strategies and principles to all the students they talk to, the children are more likely to respond and follow through with the rules. As this way the student’s behaviour will change and will have a clear understanding all staff expect the same level of respect and expectations across the school. Having support staff as well, they are equally respected as the teaching staff who also need to follow this rule within the school and make sure they consistently talk about the schools policy/rules.
2.1 Explain the benefits of actively promoting positive aspects of behaviour
When promoting positive behaviour around the children, it is more likely that the positive behaviour we are displaying, will show the children that this is how we are with each other so they will show that behaviour as well. The benefit of this is that the children will behave in a more respected manner towards adults and peers. Promoting aspects of positive behaviour by ignoring negative behaviour and rewarding positive behaviour, will teach the child that they are more likely to gain attention with the correct behaviour. This way they are more likely to behave more positively to get the attention of the adults. As if the only time they are noticed is by the negative behaviour, they are quick to learn that this is the behaviour that gets attention. So not taking notice will benefit and show that the only way to get the attention from adults is by displaying positive behaviour.
2.2 Demonstrate ways of establishing ground rules with children and young people which underpin appropriate behaviour and respect for others
I have demonstrated this when having a new student, I will meet them before starting to go to lesson and get to know them and they can get to know me. Then after they know who I am, I will explain the rules with how I work and what I do not tolerate. So this way the child will understand the rules and the way I will give out rewards such as achievement points. Also with the way of sanctioning works, about the way I go about with behaviour. So this way when it happens, they will already understand about the warnings then sanctions.

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