In the past of 100 years after the Wright brother for the first into history ,the growing of aviation industry are suffer growing pains .On 2003 ,1.7 billion was cross the sky .If the trend continue ,it probably can increase the staggering from 1.7 billion up to 3 billion by 2030 .But it will relates with the economic benefits because some passengers will also bring concern about noise and also about air pollution, terrorism and the spread of disease.

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The two that was leading plane makers – Europe’s airbus ,that was growing and based in France ,and the US aerospace giant Boeing – there are different in dealing strategies to increased the passenger number .The airbus answer that is want make it big .
First flight, in 17 December 1903, Orville and Wilbur Wright capped for four years of study and research and also design for efforts with a 120-foot , 12-second flight in the kitty hawk, north Carolina – the 1st motorized flight in heavier-than-air machine, proud to heard that the first people flown in only in balloon and also gliders. The 1st people to fly as a passenger was Leon Delagrange, that was rode with French captain Henry Farman from a grazing land outside of the Paris in 1908. Charles Fumas was became for the 1st American aircraft person along for the ride when he fly with Orville Wright at Kitty Hawk later on that year.
The Wright Brothers not human that make a first flight or first to fly .That honor a go to men such as Jean-Francois Pilatre De Rozier that who invented the first manned a free balloon flight in 1783 and also they are the 1st to fly a “manned, powered that heavier-than-air craft”. For the accomplished this is Clement Ader for over a decade before Kitty Hawk events .On the wing his first steam-powered machine 160 foot in 1890. Some kind of people argue the Wright Brothers are weren’t even the first to fly a “manned” powered ,heavier than air craft that could be sustained and controlled” a man like Augustus Moore Herring and it is very possibly Gustave Whitehead invent a machines that may have technically qualified to meet the description on 1898 and 1901 respectively. And this was not mention Alberto Santos-Dumont that was the 1st man that make a fly such an aircraft capable of “taking off under its own power “, which he did three years after Kitty Hawk.

The thing the Wright Brothers do was a revolutions about the world of flight by design the 1st true one of control system that is three-axis control that would result in the world’s that the first aircraft that are capable of being controlled with no requiring a such primitive of methods as the shifting body of weight. (In fact, their 1st U.S. patent, 821,393 , did not claim the invention of a flying machine, but the invented of system of aerodynamic controlled that manipulated a flight of flying machine surface.) The design was invented by the Wright Brothers and uses with essentially all aircraft today, and it was what is to let to the first “practical airplane of design” on the eye of the aviation history today.
Here was some of the thing that the inventors who preceded the Wright Brothers, and also some of whom the Wright Brothers are also studied and benefitted from by the side of their path to being the first to truly “master the skies”.
George Cayley, Englishman George Cayley is create and edit with the first major breakthrough in heavier-than-air flight. In 1799, George Cayley was set of forth the concept and to make the modern aero plane as a fixed-wing flying machine with separate of system that make the energy like to lift, propulsion, and to controlled. And discovering, identifying of the four aerodynamic force of flight that is weight, lift, drag, and thrust. That he designed for the first actual modelof an aircraft and also diagramming of the vertical flight elements. A young boy with unknown identity was reported that the young boy was the first who have been to fly with one his glider.

Clement Ader, was using the studies of Louis Pierre Mouillard in 1834 untill 1897 on the flight of bird, Frenchman Clement Ader was doing constructed his 1st flying instrument machine in1886, the Eole. The steam power craft to rise up from level ground. The U.S. centennial flight of commission would point out in its of acknowledgement of the achievement

Samuel P. Langley, are the invented of the gliders power by of a steam powered engine. And he is allowing his first unmanned model to fly for about three quarters of miles in 1891. And after that in 28 november 1896 his Aerodrome No.6 model was flew up about 4200 feet in about with 30 mph.

Otto Lilienthal, was work with conjunction with his brother Gustave, German engineer that is Otto Lilienthal was made over 2000 flights in gliders of his design and starting on 1891.he was the first who success in well documented, repeated, gliding flights and also fly long distance.
Alberto Santos-Dumont was following his pioneering work in airships. The Wright Brothers with the creation of the first successful of heavier-than-air flying machines, the main reason is the Wright brothers was used to launching the catapult for their 1904 and 1905 machines.

The Wright Brothers, Orville and Wilbur Wright was an American brothers, inventors and also aviation pioneers. There are credited with inventing and building the world’s first successful airplane and making the first controlled, powered and sustained heavier than air human aircraft in December 17, 1903.

AIR FRANCE CONCORDE, is a supersonic aircraft and it is the riches and famous in 1976 until 2003 around the planet. For the history of this aircraft are relates and same to other aircraft but this supersonic aircraft don’t have any fight with other supersonic aircraft.



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