1. satisfy the needs because of which

April 9, 2019 Management

1. How you can conclude that quality plays an important role in the overall project performance?

Effectiveness and efficiency of quality management implementation are important for improving performance of an organization. Due to high market competition, quality has become the important factor and a market differentiator for almost all products and services. Quality plays an important role in the overall project performance because quality is required to complete all the project requirements of the owners, constructors and other parties whose money and faith are invested in the project. Also, the poor quality can lead to unnecessary cost to the organization as it create costs due to failure, appraisal and prevention. Hence, it becomes very important to introduce the concept ‘quality’ into building process throughout all the phases coming in the project. Implementing proper quality management plan is important at the project commencement where, quality drawings, quality standards and constructability of design can enhance the project quality. Also quality ensures that the project will satisfy the needs because of which it was initiated on the first hand. This includes all the activities of the overall management function like planning, control, assurance and improvement.

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2. Why an organization should take a strategic approach to improving its environmental performance? Explain with examples.

Through the time of developing the industrial performance and product output there arose a problem of environment degradation as there was no proper control to stop pollution and this reckless attitude lead us to very serious environmental issues such as global warming, green house emission, etc. It is through time that people recognised the harm done to the environment and considered to take necessary actions to control the pollution through running campaigns, setting standards for industries, etc. to operate to aware people. Organization should take strategic approach to improve their environmental performance because that would help them to evaluate where they are facing problem and it would help them to understand that how they can minimise the pollution that is spreading due to their work and they get some very creative ideas to control that and set an example for other organization too. For example ISO 14001:2015 is considered the most effective International Standard for environmental management. It was an important step forward for a critical environmental standard; it covers all environmental challenges such as water, air, soil, waste, biodiversity, ecosystem services, climate challenges, etc.

3. What do you understand about “Tools and Techniques for Quality Assurance”? Explain in your words with example.

Quality assurance is all the planned and systematic activities implemented within the quality system to provide confidence that the project will satisfy the relevant quality standard performed


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