Methodology for the Design of the EDUCITY Sports Complex Roof



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3.1 Overview

On the overall, research methodological analysis is a methodical system to work out a job. It is a scientific discipline of analyzing how research is to be carried out. Basically, the processs by which research workers go about their work of depicting, explicating and foretelling phenomena are called research methodological analysis. It is besides described as the survey of attacks by which information is enlarged. Its intent is to supply the work program of research so that the aims will be easy achieved therefore at the same clip accomplishing the purposes of the survey.

This chapter defines the readying of a research methodological analysis applied to achieve the identified ends for the survey which are to analyze the design, building and cost deduction on the roof of EDUCITY Sports Complex, Bandar Iskandar, Johor. Basically there is merely one class of methodological analysis that is used which is through qualitative position. This method is explained farther under this chapter subsequently. In existent fact, this research method helps in supplying more informations to work with, and eventually come out with a more accurate appraisal.

Research methodological analysis is a technique normally uses to carry on research. Therefore, at this current chapter, it besides provides the model of the research methodological analysis that has being done on the design, building and cost deduction of a roof. This will include phases of carry oning research which will hold 3 phases overall. First Stage will be the establishing of the purpose, aims and the range of the research. Following phase will be the informations aggregation based on primary and secondary informations on the overall of roof, particularly on the roof of bowls and besides the reappraisal of the instance survey which is the EDUCITY Sports Complex, Bandar Iskandar, Johor. All of the informations analysed therefore come out with the decision and recommendation at Third Stage.


Harmonizing to John D. Anderson ( 2006 ) , qualitative method of research is garnering, measuring, and deducing information by comprehending what individuals do and state while quantitative method of research is defines as measuring that must be nonsubjective, quantitative and statistically valid. Quantitative merely means that it is about figures, nonsubjective solid records. This is why quantitative method is non applicable in accomplishing its chief aim. The survey shall be carried out harmonizing to the inside informations, informations and information gathered utilizing the qualitative method.

Qualitative methods are more subjective than quantitative methods, chiefly because they use really different methods to roll up information, in peculiar to single, in-depth interviews and concentrate to a certain group. As stated by John D. Anderson ( 2006 ) , the norm for this type of research is explorative and open-ended. The quality of the determination from qualitative research is straight dependent upon the accomplishments, experience and medium of the interviewer or group moderator.

Throughout this survey, the most reliance method of research is the qualitative method. This is chiefly because there are no ways people can mensurate the design and building procedure by utilizing numerical or Numberss. It is to the full explanatory. Despite from that, the quantitative method will be used merely in footings of acquiring the cost of building for the roof. It can be explained in Numberss in a signifier of tabular array of agenda. Therefore, merely a little sum of informations will be analysed by utilizing quantitative method.


3.3.1 Establishing the Aim and Objectives of the Research

The first degree of the research procedure initiates with the designation of research subject and follow with the research methodological analysis procedure to place the aim and range of the research. The aims that have been chosen are to analyze the design, building and cost deduction on roof of EDUCITY Sports Complex in Bandar Iskandar, Johor. Apart from that, the range of the research will concentrate on the design, building and the cost deduction to the roof of other bowls and the chosen instance survey is EDUCITY Sports Complex, Bandar Iskandar, Johor.

3.3.2 Data Collection

The 2nd phase offered the perceivers with the informations aggregation of the research. There are primary and secondary informations collected. Both of primary informations and secondary informations collected demand to be examined and inferred before it is converted to go utile facts in order to assist in achieving the aim of this research. Therefore, the combination of both primary and secondary informations will certainly supply a stronger support. Primary Data

In the primary informations aggregation, it consists of the procedure in which information is farther collected and gathered based on the instance survey chosen. Among the of import methodological analysis or primary informations used in this research will be interview, site visit and of class the instance survey. In this survey, the roof of EDUCITY Sports Complex in Nusajaya, Johor is the instance survey. The interviews constructions besides being assessed and resolved. All these information are discussed and emphasised for the usage of analysis.

  1. Interview.

In order to derive more cognition about the building, design and cost deduction on the roof, series of interviews with the staff from Iskandar Development Management Services ( IDMS ) who was the undertaking direction squad in the EDUCITY Sports Complex undertaking were conducted to acquire the information on the cost of roof. The individuals in charge of the undertaking were the right individual to hold the cognition and experiences sing the associated plants on the building of roof. A representative from Nominated Sub Contractor ( NSC ) was besides being interviewed on the design and building.

The interviews conducted were to acquire the sentiments from experience people in the associated plants of the roof in conformity to encompass to make more relevant and up-to-date facts of the current stuffs and plants, particularly for the roof of bowls in Malaysia. Based on the interview, the groundss were recorded to transport out informations analysis. There were structured and unstructured interviews conducted.

Harmonizing to Business Dictionary ( 2013 ) , structured interview is an interview in which all inquiries are set earlier and are put in the same order to each interviewee. Even though this types of interview absence the free flow of a friendly treatment as compared to an unstructured Interview, it offers the truth and dependableness vital in certain state of affairss. Structured interview was needed for the first interview with the individual in charge for the building of the roof of EDUCITY Sports Complex.

The basic information sing the building of roof was listed down so that there are no opportunities of any affairs will be left to be asked. There were another structured interviews conducted after aggregation of informations because there were still ill-defined affairs discovered after reexamining all the informations collected. Structured interview was besides being prepared before carry oning a site visit.

Unstructured interview was being conducted during the site visit and other meetings with the staffs from IDMS. Unstructured interview is an interview without any set format but in which the interviewer may hold some cardinal inquiries formulated in progress ( hypertext transfer protocol: //, 2013 ) . It allows inquiries based on the interviewee ‘s replies and continues like a friendly, non-threatening conversation. However, because each interviewee was asked a different series of inquiries, this manner is absence of the truth and dependableness compared to structured interview.

The combination of both structured and unstructured interviews were applied in this survey. When any ill-defined affairs arise during the structured interview, the inquiries were asked instantly or on the topographic point and in which the inquiries were non listed in the list of inquiries for structured interview.

  1. Site Visit

Site visit was besides the of import methodological analysis for this research. It is engaged to hold a better position on the design and building of the roof and to understand the existent status on site. Furthermore, when the information can be observed, it will decidedly supply more accurate informations. In this state of affairs, EDUCITY Sports Complex, Bandar Iskandar, Johor is the site to be visited. The building is really completed on April 2013, therefore the site visited was the accomplished athleticss composite.

Site visit were conducted more than one time because there were opportunities of lost information or overlooked on the factors that gave childs or even major deduction on the cost of the roof of the studied bowl. The visit to EDUCITY Sports Complex with the aid from the staff was really utile in order to get the existent image and status on what are the things occurred during the building of roof. During the site visits, interviews were besides conducted at the same time. This made the interviews as the large beginnings of information to be applied. Secondary Data

On top of primary informations, there is secondary informations to be adapted throughout this research which was based on the literature reappraisal. The information gathered utilizing secondary informations was the general or the basic information sing the survey. Based on this survey, the procedure was done by happening the information sing roof, particularly long span roof because bowls are all large and big edifice in which they will necessitate a broad span roof to envelop the edifice. Literature reappraisal is a supportive information or even the guideline in roll uping primary informations. It is said to be a supportive information because after carry oning the interviews or site visits, the losing information or the comparing to other types and designs, building procedure and the cost deduction of the roof can be made.

On the other manus, it is the guideline to primary informations because after reexamining all the beginnings of secondary informations, so merely the interviews and site visit can come out. This was achieved by cognizing the overview on what the people have said before this survey was carried out. It was proven because when fixing the structured or unstructured interviews and site visits, the basic cognition on the design, procedure of building and cost deduction to the roof building must be known foremost. If non, one does non cognize what to inquire and what to react. Particularly when carry oning unstructured interviews and site visits.

The chief beginnings of literature reappraisal are books, diaries and articles that were collected from several libraries in UiTM Shah Alam. Besides that, some articles were besides being gathered through the cyberspace. Other information available in the cyberspace was besides collected. In order to acquire extra information sing the instance survey, papers reviewing was being done.

  1. Books

There are all together 8 books that were referred to come out with the literature reappraisal for this survey. Some were cited and some were merely made as mentions. The books gathered were from Perpustakaan Tun Abdul Razak ( PTAR ) , UiTM Shah Alam. Since there are many PTAR in UiTM, the best beginnings for this survey are PTAR 1, PTAR at Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Surveying, and PTAR at Faculty of Engineering.

The types of books used were Engineering, Construction and Architectural books while the twelvemonth the books were published was between the old ages 1999 to 2012. The books beginnings are relevant and dependable to this survey since the information is non excessively back-dated and the books are within the scope or range of the survey. All the writers of the books are besides the people who are well-known in the industry.

  1. Diaries

The diaries used were the technology and architectural diaries. The diaries took the 2nd rank as the most dependable beginnings of informations. However, there were restrictions sing the information available on the long span roof building. There were merely a few articles in the diaries that contain information on the long span roof. Therefore, there was the demand of utilizing other beginnings to acquire more information.

  1. Articles

The articles available and gathered for the survey were retrieved chiefly from the cyberspace. There were besides articles that derived from magazines which published by a large building company. The articles chosen were the latest published and dependable to the survey.

  1. Internet

The types of information available in the cyberspace were varied. There were information from the companies’ web site, for illustration the supplier’s or the manufacturer’s web site sing the roof building, design and stuff. There were besides some articles taken from the cyberspace. The images used in chapter two were chiefly retrieved from the web sites. The information from the cyberspace was accessed from 2013 until 2014, the twelvemonth in which this survey took topographic point.

  1. Document reappraisal

The paperss that were reviewed are the drawings, measures of measures and the letters, electronic mails and memos sing roof of EDUCITY Sports Complex. The paperss were all given by IDMS’s staff. However, the background of the companies involved was taken from the company profile and the company’s web site.


Phase Three ( 3 ) is the procedure where the information was analysed and the decision together with the recommendation were made. As stated by ( 1996 ) , informations analysis is a signifier of attacks that help to specify facts, sense forms, cultivate justifications, and trial hypotheses. This signifier of analysis is merely one of available stages that must be concluded when carry oning a research experiment.

Information from legion beginnings were gathered, studied and so examined to organize some determination or decision. In this survey, the beginnings are books, diaries, articles, cyberspace, interviews and site visits. The analysis was done by looking back to the aims whether the information or information gathered are relevant to that nonsubjective stated before.

After analyzing was done, the decision was produced based on the analysis done earlier. The decision was stating about the findings, together with the recommendations for the betterments for future research. The findings include the design, building and cost deduction of the roof.

The procedure of research can be summarised as per Figure 3.1.

Figure 3.1 Summary of Research Methodology

Table of Contentss




3.3RESEARCH Design

3.3.1Establishing the Aim and Objectives of the Research

3.3.2Data Collection


Figure 3.1 Summary of Research Methodology



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