First Book Of Samuel English Literature Essay

The first book of Samuel is portion of a 2 book series and is even further classified into two divisions. The first being the life of Samuel, from Chapters 1 -12, and the remainder is the life of Saul, which takes through the terminal of Chapter 31. 1st Samuel Tells you the narrative of Israel where the governing changed from Judgess to male monarchs, with Samuel being the last justice and David and Saul becomes appointed as the first male monarchs. The book starts with God replying to Hannah ‘s supplications by giving her a marvelous babe, who she names Samuel which means “ heard by God ” . He lived and served the Godhead. Unlike any other kid, the Godhead revealed himself to Samuel at a immature age through his visions, which were rare. “ In those yearss the word of the Lord was rare ; there were non many visions. ” ( 1 Samuel 3:1 ) . Although he did non understand what he was seeing or hearing ; he went and talked to Eli, the priest with weak eyes. Samuel was picked from a clump and declared a prophesier. “ And all Israel from Dan to Beersheba recognized that Samuel was attested as a prophesier of the Lord ” ( 1 Samuel 3:20 ) .

As the first order of responsibility as a prophesier, his first prognostication was revealed to him and it was that Eli ‘s house would be removed from priesthood due to the fact that they were corrupt. After that Israelites declare and travel to war on their arch enemy, the Philistines. Followed by losing the war, Israelites loose ownership of the Ark of the Covenant and was subsequently returned to them following a judgment send from the Lord. Desiring to hold a alteration in their substructure, the people of Israel demanded a King. Samuel appoints a male monarch named Saul, who was a Benjamite, after being warned what the effects of holding a male monarch would hold. Saul was a successful male monarch, at foremost ; so he offers forfeit, at the disbursal of his boy Jonathan. Saul disobeys a direct order from Lord and in bend the Lord had Samuel appoint another King ; David who defeated Goliath the elephantine. King David ends up get marrieding Saul ‘s girl and becomes an enemy of Saul, who attempts to kill David at every case he gets. Even though he is running from Saul, he maintains a tight knit relationship with the Lord. Towards the concluding chapters of 1 Samuel, Saul who was lost attempts to seek replies. During this period, Samuel dies and his spirit rises up to portion one last prognostication. His prognostication said that “ tomorrow you and your boies will be with me. ” ( 1 Samuel 28:19 )

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Imagine a calamity film where the beginning is all so sad so it plumps right back up ; although for a little period of clip, it was good. Once all the felicity had settled down, the remainder of the film is one calamity after another with some ( really minute ) exhilaration in the center. This is the instance with the first book of Samuel. Hannah who does n’t hold a kid, after a long clip, with supplication receives a kid who subsequently becomes a prophesier of the Lord. It is interesting how God revealed himself to Samuel ; gave him a vision. Similarly in the book of Genesis God reveals himself to Jacob through his dreams. Subsequently on it is written that the people of Israel demanded a male monarch in topographic point of a justice. In my understanding Samuel was angry at their determination, because Samuel had warned them what would go on. Regardless, people wanted a male monarch. This makes me believe of an old expression, “ Look before you leap ” . Be this non said at that clip? Where people so blinded by the construct of a male monarch? After all, why would they even need a physical male monarch, when they had an Almighty God as their male monarch?

Personally, I believe it was greed, or one would state a power trip. For case, Saul the first male monarch of Israel, who was nice in the beginning but when changed Ohios so rapidly. Talking about alteration, makes me believe of my favourite childhood narrative about David and Goliath. David was this puny small child, and Goliath the antonym, a giant. How David defeated Goliath shows us that God was with David at all times throughout the conflict. It besides shows David ‘s bravery and ability to be a great male monarch. A celebrated baseball participant one time said, “ Never let the fright of striking out maintain you from playing the game ” ( Babe Ruth ) , and that is precisely what David did to get the better of Goliath. Some of the chief subjects in the book of 1 Samuel show us ; how people disobeyed the Lord, or replaced him as their male monarch, or travel to war because of greed. Like most human being, Saul did the same thing. He had sinned, even though he had an option non to, and towards the terminal wanted an reply from Lord why this was go oning. A inquiry most of ask after disregarding God through all the good times ; when something unfortunate happens, we run to the Lord for forgive and inquire why this is go oning to them? Throughout all this, one construct that makes no sense is the affair of Prophetss and how some of the prognostications were presented? It seems to me about a heathen behaviour, something so eccentric like in today ‘s films. It is as if they were shades coming out of the land like a living dead, attaching it to Saul ‘s organic structure to show Samuel ‘s prognostication. If pagan religion was n’t accepted, why would it be in the text, what relevancy does it hold? Particularly, when Saul asked the adult female, “ ” Do n’t be afraid, what do you see? ” The adult female said, “ I see a apparitional figure coming up out of the earth. ” ” . Does that intend pagan religion was okay to that extent? Something that must be farther analyzed.



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