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? Cadbury India Ltd launched Cadbury Bournvita, a chocolate health drink, in 1947 in India. But even before launching its new health product in the Indian market, Bournvita was one of the most loved chocolate drinks around the world. in india it has a market share of 17%. In spite of the fact that Indian health drink market is flooded with a number of newer fun drinks for kids, Cadbury Bournvita has made a niche for itself as a drink for children who are mentally and physically active. It showed that every bright and sportive kid down the block must be drinking Cadbury Bournvita.
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In fact almost everyone remember the jingle of Bournvita. In past few years, the nutritional drink or the health drink industry has been marked by competition from various companies. In India, the health drink manufacturers have tried to retain their brand image by improving their product quality & by meeting consumer’s expectation. But only one health drink has successfully captured the heart of millions of Indians i. e. Cadbury Bournvita. Bournvita is the most popular beverage of Cadbury India. Cadbury bournvita have been declared a “consumer super brand” for 2006-07 by super brands India

History Bournvita was launched for the very first time in UK in 1932. In 1940, the brand’s famous Bourn-vita Beaker first appeared, introduced to stimulate sales of Bourn-vita. In 1947, it was launched in India. In 1950, the “Sleeping Beaker” was launched and was now produced in a high grade plastic material. It came complete with a blue “Night Cap” lid that could also be used as a saucer and was sold as a special combined offer of a 1/2lb tin of Bourn-vita and a Beaker. In 1960, Nigeria begins importing Cadbury Bournvita in wooden crates from the United Kingdom.

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Distribution and sales developed significantly afterwards and by 1964, Local manufacturing started in Nigeria with greater marketing support for the brand. In 1972, in order to promote its product, the Cadbury Bournvita Quiz was launched on radio in India and by 1980’s Bournvita was positioned on ‘taste’ and the ‘goodness’ benefit. The communication taglines demonstrated this – “Brought up right, Bournvita bright”, “Goodness that grows with you” In 1990’s Bournvita was relaunched, this involved product fortification and complete refresh in the marketing mix. The brand was positioned around “physical and mental strength”.

Around the same time the Cadbury Bournvita Quiz started itself on national television from radio. This program made quizzing interesting for kids, reaching out to 2. 5 Lakh kids directly every year through the school contact programs and another 20 Lakh kids through the television route. In 1991, the Brand sponsored the Nigerian female Soccer team, the Super Falcons to the first ever Female World Cup. In 1998, the brand commenced the Cadbury Bournvita Children’s Magic Flight. It is an initiative to develop their leadership potentials by exposing them to other climes.

In India Bournvita was launched with a renewed kid focus communication, and fresh contemporary packaging through PET jars in 2001. In Nigeria, the brand initiated a scheme to recognize and reward excellence in the teaching profession. This birthed the Cadbury Bournvita Teachers’ Awards in 2002. In 2004, Bournvita relaunch with “Superchargers”, further product fortification, with a more compelling positioning of “Confidence to face daunting obstacles through the strength of body and mind” Bournvita dawned a new look in India with international, trendy packaging.

The relaunch was accompanied by the launch of a variant Bournvita Five Star Magic – a MFD (malt food drinks) that has all the goodness of Bournvita with the exciting taste of Cadbury 5 Star Chocolate in 2006. Bournvita 5 Star Magic is the sparkling new identity of the age-old favourite malt food drink Bournvita. For the very first time in its history, Cadbury India combined two of its most powerful brands Bournvita and 5 Star to present a unique caramelized fun taste to consumers. The Bournvita Confidence Academy was launched in India in 2007 on POGO TV (one of the leading kids’ channel).

The show in a first of its kind initiative showcased young prodigies who were not rated on the performance of their own skill, but on the skill that they would learn from their peers. The show had prodigies with varying backgrounds and talents. Ashraf; a small town folk singer, Kabir; a west metro born dancer, Ameetoshri; an east born academies, Nikhil; a south born go kart racing champion and soon MARKETING MIX Marketing decisions generally fall into following four controllable cateogories, depicted below: Product: Bournvita is a combination of 2 words, Brown ; Vita.

Brown because it is brown in colour and Vita because it contains lots of vitamins. If we ask anyone about bournvita, maximum people will reply that it is the malt food which we mix in milk to drink. But that’s not what it is all about. It is a nutritional drink which acts as a dietary supplement providing nourishment and vitamins along with good taste ; flavours. . Kids who detest milk in its pure state unless flavoured, this is an ideal drink. It has its own unique flavour and taste which is rich and full-bodied. It is also easy to prepare. You just have to mix it into your milk.

Even a child can manage this for himself when he is in a hurry to run off to play! Many children just scoop up a spoonful of Bournvita fine granules into their mouth and crunch away happily…goes to prove its taste bud friendly value for kids . Cadbury’s has launched a brand extension for Bournvita – Bournvita li’l Champs. The new extension is targeting the little kids aged 2-5yrs. The brand is competing with Junior Horlicks in this segment Ingredients: Malt extracts, sugar, cocoa powder, milk solids, liquid glucose and vitamins. Bournvita’s nutritional facts: 1) Gives protein. 2) Provides Vitamin A, Vitamin C ; Vitamin B12. ) Contains Calcium, Iron ; Folic Acid. 4) It also provides our body with Niacin, pyridoxine, Riboflavin, ; Thiamine These are very useful for the working of the nervous system. Packaging: Earlier packaging was not given the kind of importance to what it’s gaining now. Marketers have now realized the importance of packaging in today’s competitive market. Hence they are concentrating on various aspect of packing such as the colour, material used to make the package ; cost. They use glass jars for packaging which do not allow moisture to get in the product and also increases its shelf life.

They have also introduced the refill packs. So there were no problem of buying Jars every now ; then. They have also worked upon the colour which is now Red ; Purple against the old one Brown ; Yellow because kids love bright colours. Price: Price is the most important element in deciding the fate of any product. While purchasing any health drinks however, a housewife or a mother who is the ultimate buyer gives price secondary importance. She will carefully study the taste ; nutritive values in the health drinks. Bournvita is one of the most expensive health drinks in the market (Rs. 01 for 500gms) but still due to its good taste ; great nutritive values it has captured the majority of the market. Bournvita weightsPRICE (in Rs. ) (in gms)JarsRefill pack 2005454 500110101 Target Market: Brown HFD’s target audience has always been kids who are in the age group of 7-15Most of the children in this age group have casual eating habits and milk is like a curse for them. This is where a HFD comes into picture. The work of a HFD is not only to add flavour to the milk but also act as supplement which can add nutrition to children.

The other advantage of having this segment as target market is HFD are mostly taken with milk And the largest consumption of milk is seen in this segment. Bournvita Li’l Champs is touting on its nutritional content and its 5 Star taste to catch the target segment. The packaging is refreshingly new and attractive. The brand is promising the mothers to make their kids champions like its brand ambassador Place: The distribution pattern followed by Cadbury’s Bournvita is more or less same as the traditional channel of distribution. Cadbury’s distribution network encompasses 2100 distributors and 4,50,000 retailers.

The company has a total consumer base of over 65mn. Besides use of IT to improve distribution logistics, Cadbury is also attempting to improve distribution quality. To address the issues of product stability, it has installed coolers at several outlets. This helps in maintaining consumption in summer, when sales usually dip due to the fact that the heat affects product quality and thereby off take. Promotion: Bournvita always comes up with consumer promotion activities from time to time e. g. giving free gifts like plastic mugs, chess game or ludo etc.

They also come up with the scheme of extra Bournvita for the same price. The ads had very cleverly promoted this drink for intelligent school kids through organizing the famous Bournvita Quiz Contest between different schools. This was a fantastic gimmick on television, which had caught on so well, that even adults would spare some time to watch it without fail. The Quiz Master Derek O’Brian was loved by all, the young and the old alike. This Advertising concept was so successful, that they even came out with the Bournvita General Knowledge Book (a mini encyclopaedia).

Cartoon Network and Cadbury India has announced a one-year promotional license agreement. Bournvita positions itself as a healthy and nutritious drink for kids. The first promotion is the Toon Mug offer. A 500 gram Bournvita pack comes with a mug featuring some of the best loved Cartoon Network characters. Toon buffs get a choice of over six toon mugs including The Power puff Girls, The Flintstones, Scooby-Doo, Johnny Bravo, Dexter and Tom & Jerry. The Bournvita promotion is being supported by television commercials and in-store advertising. Advertising strategy:

In 1970s the brand was positioned as a product that helps in good upbringing. The brand used the tagline: Goodness that Grows with You. During 1980’s the brand changed its focus from Upbringing to Intelligence. The tagline was changed to: Brought up Right, Bournvita Bright. In 1990’s the brand felt that it should be focusing on the overall health of the kid thus changed its focus on Body and Mind. The brand also took Energy as a main focus and thus evolved the famous VO (voice over): “Bournvita has proteins, minerals and carbohydrates” Along came the famous tagline: Tan Ki Shakti, Man Ki Shakti.

The brand also set up a Bournvita Nutritional Centre where nutrition experts recommended the right RDA percentage to kids. The brand at that time used the cricketer Ajay Jadeja to endorse the brand. The brand also harped on the taste and used the tagline “No Bournvita No Milk “to reinforce the taste attribute. In the current millennium, the brand has moved to the next level . Bournvita has identified Confidence as its Core Brand Essence. The brand now uses the tagline “Do you have Bournvita Confidence”. Cadbury India has appointed tennis player Sania Mirza to endorse its newly launched variant, ‘Cadbury Bournvita Li’l Champs’.

Recommendations: It follows price skimming strategy but it should go for price penetration because it’s a health drink and it should be a mass product. It is reaching towards maturity stage. so in order to boost its sales, it can enhance its product line by adding a new product for women. as recommended by doctors, that after the age of forty women needs more of calcium. so that it can fulfil the basic daily requirement in women The product has been basically promoted in a way that it targets mainly children and teenagers. Even though it’s a health drink it has not increased its focus to a larger target group i. . youth, women and old age people. It should promote itself as a complete health drink for all age groups. They go for traditional distribution system in which once the product is being supplied to wholesaler it’s not the responsibility of the company to help him in distributing further. They take their wholesaler and retailers as a separate entity. So rather than following conventional distributional channel, they should go for vertical marketing system in which members at different levels work together in a unified way to accomplish their goals.


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