11 & 12 Language related assignment Essay

Generative Context A adult female pupil in Brighton walked place by herself tardily at dark and was mugged. She was transporting a batch of hard currency. didn’t tell her friends she was go forthing the nine and walked down some dark stairss. The following twenty-four hours I criticised her actions. 2. Meaning

We use this signifier to show a critical attitude towards the past actions of person else. ( Advice after the event – Rosemary Aitken – Teaching Tenses – p. 138 ) 3. Form

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( topic ) + should ( + non ) + have + past participial
4. Phonemic written text. including taging the chief stressed syllables

( Longman lexicon of modern-day English )
Particular attending demands to be paid to the weak signifier of “have” and. perchance there may necessitate to be some alteration of the assorted pronunciations of the “ed” stoping of the past participial 5. Concept look intoing inquiries ( with replies ) . and. where appropriate. clip lines. diagrams. images. etc

Did she travel place by herself? Yes Was it unsafe? Possibly Was it a good thought? No Am I knocking her? Yes Am I speaking about the yesteryear or the hereafter? The yesteryear

Wholly accurate
Entrees reference stuff & A ; mention information learned approximately linguistic communication to an appropriate beginning No grounds – even inexplicit – of appropriate beginning being referenced Evidence ( even implicit ) of some referencing of appropriate beginnings Plenty of expressed grounds of suitably referenced research Uses written linguistic communication which is clear. accurate and appropriate to the undertaking Numerous mistakes



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