Contribution To Malaysia Economy Challenges Finance Essay

The undertaking on capital market is an effort to analyze an overall primary market and secondary market. It helped to cognize and analyze the parametric quantities opted by all the capital market and the companies who are runing themselves under the regulations and ordinance of capital market. The public presentation of capital market has registered a important upward in recent times. Right from the get downing capital market pull every individual as it has become common to see auto on route every twenty-four hours and being a pupil of marketing I learnt a batch from this undertaking and it would assist me a batch in doing my calling. The market for long-run securities like bonds, equity stocks and preferable stocks is divided intoA primary market and secondary market. The primary market trades with the new issues ofA securities. Outstanding securities are traded in the secondary market, which is normally known as stock market or stock exchange. In the secondary market, the investors can sell and purchase securities. Stock markets preponderantly deal in the equity portions. Debt instruments like bonds and unsecured bonds are besides traded in the stock market. Well-regulated and active stock marketA promotes capital formation. Growth of the primary market depends on the secondary market. The wellness of the economic system is reflected by the growing of the stock market. Companies raise financess to finance their undertakings through assorted methods. The boosters canA conveying their ain money or borrow from the fiscal establishments or mobilise capital by publishing securities. The financess may be raised through issue of fresh portions at par or premium, penchant portions, unsecured bonds or planetary depositary grosss. The chief aims of a capital issue are givenA below:

To advance a new company

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To spread out an bing company

To diversify the production

To run into the regular working capital demands

To capitalise the contraries securities markets provide a channel for allotment of nest eggs to those who have a productive demand for them. As a consequence, the rescuers and investors are non constrained by their single abilities, but by the economic system ‘s abilities to put and salvage severally, which necessarily enhances nest eggs and investing in the economic system.



Stock Market besides known as Equity Market which their portion are issued and traded either through exchanges or over the counter. This market non necessary need a physical installation and the type of this market is public entity. In this market which securities purchaser do a dealing by meet Sellerss at a certain monetary value and the participant that involve include single retail investors, institutional investor such as common financess, Bankss, insurance companies, and besides publically traded corporations merchandising in their ain portions. Expertise position that retail investor will have lower hazard comparison than institutional investor and corporation trading in their ain portions. For investor that have purpose to put in stock market, they will hold the possible to gain great return and opportunity to do a batch of money if they are prepared to put on the line their capital in the market favor. Any investing in the stock market will affect an component of hazard. In this market there is ever have an chance that the investor will lose their money but in the same clip they besides have a opportunity to derive a batch of money at that place. For illustration stock in Malaysia had a negative public presentation started last month. We can anticipate the economic will traveling changeless till terminal of the twelvemonth, so we have to fix to confront a several hazard that will impact our investing. If the market perform good last twelvemonth, it does non intend that the market will execute good once more for the following approaching twelvemonth, the economic place ever alteration clip by clip so for the investor they should believe sagely and travel to expertise and inquire for audience to guarantee that they put their money at the right topographic point. Basically the investor has to go forth their money invested for a long period of clip, usually between three and ten old ages. The investor will be penalize if they take back their money before the investing period is over. Standard charge will be enforcing toward investor that required paying disposal charges for the direction of their investing portfolio. In stock market the hazard is already known, but the ends is still unknown contrast whey we buy lottery ticket, we besides know our hazard is based on the lottery ticket monetary value, but the ends is already known for the 1st monetary value victor, so in stock market there is no charming expression for doing money, forbearance is the cardinal ingredient.



Actually why do we necessitate this stock market or what are the benefit of stock market. Stock market is of import for make the economic is one state good operate. Through this market, a batch of companies can better their fiscal place by sell the stock to raising their fund and spread out their concern operation. Without stock market companies ca n’t acquire adequate financess and non afford to vie with other company ‘s particularly international company. For company, besides depends on their net income to enlarge their concern graduated table, their demand to derive money fast to guarantee they non leave far behind another company.

For an single the being of stock market will assist them in personal fiscal planning. This will be good schemes if people get involved in this market as portion of them personal planning schemes. For the retirement plan, usually they will put their retirement money into salvaging the financess in bank, but if they alert with stock market, for certain their will take to set their money in stock market because the return in higher than salvaging in bank.A figure of agents, bomber agents, acquire employment because of stock exchange.


Huge hazard will be enforcing towards the individual who participates in this market. The stock exchange can hold it up and downs. In this market besides have volatility of stock exchange, the market can eat all of investor money anytime If market traveling down. For the investor who put all her economy into the market, one time market fail and travel down, certainly he or she will suffered with the loses.

On behalf of little investor or new investor they will miss of information compared with professional investor have research staffs that are invariably supplying them with up-to-date information. But now this job can be overcome with cyberspace aid, by passing on a fiscal web site the investor will hold all information about the market. There is no warrant of return in this market because of the market is ever change clip by clip.


Overview of Malayan status

Monthly Stock market Performance

The latest of stock market place in Malayan status is rather weak. This is because of the consequence from stock market public presentation globally was subdued. But that does non intend that every clip stock market performs ill. They have their ain grounds why it can happen in such a manner.

In January 2012, planetary investor all of a sudden embraced hazard with the reset of the calendar, impeling stock market to one if the strongest opening months in history. Malaysia stock indexes lagged behind planetary benchmarks after their out public presentation in 2011. FBM EMAS Shariah returned 2.01 % stoping at RM10, 499. FBM KLCI declined 0.59 % to stop at RM1, 521.

In February 2012, universe stock markets continued their strong gap tally into February. Malaysia ‘s stock market continued to underachieve, with the FBM KLCI up 3.54 % in February and the FBM EMAS Shariah lifting 3.22 % for the month.

In March 2012, stock market enjoyed another positive month in March. FBM KLCI increase 1.97 % while FBM EMAS Shariah tacked on 0.23 % for first one-fourth additions of 4.96 % and 5.53 % severally.

In April 2012, stock market pared back the old two months of addition in April. FBM KLCI declined 1.12 % while FBM EMAS Shariah fell 0.73 % , conveying their twelvemonth to day of the month additions to 3.79 % and 4.76 % severally.

In May 2012, stock market public presentation globally manner subdued. In local currency footings, the Malayan stock market bucked the tendency, with the FBM KLCI Index lifting 1.1 % while the FBM EMAS Shariah Index increase 0.63 % , conveying their twelvemonth to day of the month additions to 4.93 % and 5.42 % severally.

In June 2012, stock market rebounded strongly in June after uninspiring public presentation in May. Malayan stock indices nevertheless lagged planetary benchmarks in the recoil after out-performance in May. The FBM KLCI Index increase 1.4 % while the FBM EMAS Shariah Index advanced 3.1 % in June conveying their half-year additions to 6.4 % and 8.7 % severally.

In July 2012, stock market public presentation remained positive. In local currency footings, the Malayan stock market delivered robust public presentation ; with the FBM KLCI Index lifting 2.06 % while the FBM EMAS Shariah Index increase 2.63 % , for twelvemonth to day of the month additions of 8.64 % and 11.57 % severally.

In August 2012, stock market public presentation remains positive. The FBM KLCI Index increase 1.19 % while the FBM EMAS Shariah Index increases 1.06 % , for the year-to-date additions of 9.93 % and 12.76 % , severally. The FTSE All World Index increase 2.22 % , conveying its year-to-date public presentation to 9.94 % .

In September 2012, the Malayan stock market traded reasonably higher, with the FBM KLCI Index lifting 0.11 % while the FBM EMAS Shariah Index increase 0.09 % , for twelvemonth day of the month additions of 10.05 % and 12.86 % , severally. It is means that the stock market additions with somewhat.

In October 2012, stock market public presentation remained positive. In local currency footings, the Malayan stock market was reasonably higher, with the FBM KLCI Index lifting by 2.37 % while the FBM EMAS Shariah Index additions by 1.44 % , for year-to-date additions of 12.67 % and 14.49 % severally.

Stock Market Performance in 2012

As a whole, Malaysian has a good and stable stock market public presentation. It is because that Bursa Malaysia was a low beta stock market which besides hosted companies that offered the highest dividend payout in Asia. Although there are times when the stock market declined, but it was up once more by a good scheme. But some people feel that the stock market in this twelvemonth will diminish due to many factors and the chief factor is the place of really high trade good monetary values and possible diminution, the planetary market volatility, institutional investors are turning to the bond market to take down their hazard and the most of import is election. Furthermore, people predict that stock market will get down to travel down when elections were announced. However, the IPO market looks still fit and profitable. The bulk of stock moves in groups. We will see a motion of stock group of Bursa Malaysia stock market index such as FBMKLCI, FBM100, FBMSHA, and others. So, to find the way of the market as a whole, we can avoid purchasing portions in the market is weak and sell while the market showed marks of deceasing. Then the stock market will go better from last twelvemonth.


The portion monetary value is expected to fall this hebdomad

Kuala Lumpur, 11 Nov 2012. – Vice president of market research in AFFIN bank, DrNazri khan said that. “ Stock market value in Bursa Malaysia predicted to complete lower this hebdomad ” . Furthermore, he said that, there will some ruins in the FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI while shuting on Tuesday for Deepavali and Thursday for AwalMuharam.

He besides said that the causes is because U.S. presidential election late, following the post-election ordinances enforce a more restrictive Wall Street gave concern to investors, the deadlock aid Greece and the possible downgrade of the U.S. sovereignty and Germany besides concerns about the German economic system.

“ Following the U.S. Presidential election, the attending of investors are turning to financial jobs in the universe ‘s biggest economic system, which recorded a shortage of U.S. $ 1 trillion ( RM3 trillion ) national debt and U.S. $ 16 trillion ( RM48 trillion ) .

“ Given the disconnected U.S. authorities which is dominated by the Republican Congress and the Senate / Executive by Democrats, there are marks that President Obama ‘s failure to cover with the possibility of sing financial jobs, ” he told to Bernama here today.

However, some factors of the possibility that the market hazard is expected to buffer the autumn, said Nazri once more. Among them, Bank Negara Malaysia of pecuniary policy accommodative, big international militias and authorities disbursement continued before the elections. FBM KLCI declined 15.05 points to 1,641.08 for the hebdomad merely ended every bit compared with in the old hebdomad shutting 1,565.13.

Finance Index declined 54.61 points to 15,068.37, the Industrial Index declined 37.26 points to 2,825.27 and the Plantation Index declined 80.25 points to 8,072.86. FBM ACE Index declined 35.33 points to 4,281.6 and the FBM 70 Index decreased 58.34 points to 12,287.22, and the FBM Emas Index declined 95.18 points to 11,196.48, FBMT100 Index incurred losingss 91.87 points to 11,033.72.

Weekly turnover declined to 5,375 billion portions deserving RM7.632 billion compared with 7,038 billion portions deserving RM7.591 billion last Friday.Main Market chief market entire trade declined to 4,079 billion portions deserving RM7.433 billion compared with 4,957 billion portions deserving RM7.291 billion antecedently. Entire trade on the ACE Market declined to 900,435 million portions deserving RM163.676 million as compared with 1.42 billion portions deserving RM257.102 million.

Warrants declined to 387,431 million units deserving RM32.898 million from 639,372 million units deserving RM35.957 million- BERNAMA.


Share monetary value at November 2012 THIS WEAK


Contribution stock market to Malaysia economic system

Yusuf Al-Qardawi says that stock is portion of the company or bank. Value of the portions will alter, that it will fall and lift based on public presentation of the company or the bank. If the stock rises, the value of net incomes earned by investors and frailty versa. This trait has made lawful in the sight stock investing syariah and no barriers to it either to print, sell, purchase or keep the stock.

In Malaysia, stock market is Bursa Malaysia or KLSE. Bursa Malaysia is an exchange keeping company approved under Section 15 of the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007. It operates a to the full incorporate exchange, offering the complete scope of exchange-related services including trading, uncluttering, colony and depositary services. The stock market in Malaysia is turning by degree.

Stockss in Malaysia had a negative public presentation during the last month. Malaysia Stock Market declined 31 points or 1.89 per centum during the last 30 yearss. Historically, from 1977 until 2012, Malaysia Stock Market ( KLCI ) averaged 701 Index points making an all clip high of 1676 Index points in November of 2012 and a record depression of 89 Index points in April of 1977. The FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI Index ( Kuala Lumpur Composite ) is a major stock market index which tracks the public presentation of 30 largest companies by full market capitalisation listed on the Main Board of the Bursa Malaysia. It is a free-float ( lower limit of 15 % ) , capitalization-weighted stock market index. The KLCI Index has a basal value of 100 as of January 2, 1977.

The stock market is portion of the capital market plays an of import function in the economic and fiscal maps. Jointly, it is a mechanism that facilitates the transportation of investing financess from economic agents with fiscal excesss to those sing fiscal shortages. This can be achieved through the procedure of securities ( stocks or bonds ) either the primary market or the secondary market. In consequence, the private sector, authoritiess, local governments, and others can entree a big aggregation of the capital of the activity instead than merely trusting on purely internal capital.

Gross saless and purchases of securities / portions are really of import for efficient allotment of capital in an economic system. While most concerns have merely the stock market involves the trading of portions of bing ( secondary ) , but the monetary value of such securities still provide an of import signal to fiscal establishments. Through it, companies can raise capital by publishing new portions, rights or bonds at a higher monetary value. Transaction monetary values and citations for a portion besides give investors a “ guided market value of wealth ” that can act upon determinations about ingestion outgo ( ingestion expenditures ) . At other times, the stock market besides enables investors whether to fade out or apportion their investing to other fiscal assets. Furthermore, when monetary value of stock market or when Bursa Malaysia publish the high monetary value, many companies will affect an issue the stock. So, the economic system in Malaysia will increase and will non happen the recession.




Our challenging in stock market occur when the clip of recession happen and is of import for we to understand how to pull off the alterations that authorities or fiscal establishment made for kept up our states ‘ economic systems and our stock market remains stable and free from any guess by the speculators

For illustration in October 1998 recession go on, Malaysia Stock Market composite index downward into phase 262 point in 1 September, all the capital value that sum RM 900 Billion lessening to RM 100 Billion it about diminish 90 % from its original value, this is a catastrophe for our state. Almost all of the redacts need to happen the new occupations.

Another challenge for market portions is responsible create success, in making a more stable economic system environment is non merely on the shoulders of the regulators and the legislative assembly entirely, but to all those involved in the corporate universe or our private sectors. Furthermore, it is our economic derives by the private sector, when the economic system is stabilised private sector will seek to establish the capital equity from the person or establishment company that wants to put, this will increase our economic system in fastest manner when all the concern spread out our money market will flux in a good status that will better our image and repute to acquire the investors from another states. That will better their confident and trust and develop our state.

For the illustration when 1998 recession occurred Malaysia Ringgit are done for or lessening in immense different with dollar as 1 dollar USA every bit with RM 4.22 at 1 September 1998 so our Former Prime Minister TunDr Mahathir Muhammad have decide to nail down the MYR currency at 3.80 to stabilized economic system.

Our existent challenges is to do certain all the corporate sector or private sector to implement the new per centum of bulk portion from 5 % to 2 % and besides the proclamation must to be done within 7 yearss non more 14 yearss like earlier. Code on coup d’etats and amalgamations are besides tightened to stress the facets of transparence and corporate administration more expeditiously. The figure of authorised individual to be a manager in more than a company is besides limited because to increase the work efficiency.

Following demand needed is public listed company ” Bhd ” been limit by merely five company and for SDN BHD been limit merely for 10 company. This demand non likely been acceptable by all particularly by listed companies that still have a job in guaranting the capacity of single or lacking of the individual that truly acceptable to go an campaigner to go a manager. This demand needed possibly do the company experience uncomfortable in early execution but will be comfy after a few months they implements this scheme.

Live in another twenty-four hours means more ambitious, to accommodate the new environment state of affairs or scheme that ever change illustration like border funding by bank for loan is merely for the executable clients merely and afford to refund.

“ Multiplication ratio of fiscal ” bounds in the certain sum and besides has another restriction for clients and securities. Capital Adequate Directive besides been introduce for ready to any fortunes in market, Capital Adequate Directive is use to cognize the fiscal province and hazard and the liquidness of the company.

All this term and demand given by the authorities demand to be implement, it become a challenge to authorities to guarantee all the private and public sector implements all the instructions given. If they fail to follow the order the company will be all right by the authorities or by the cardinal bank.



The stock market is one of the most of import beginnings for companies to raise money. This allows concerns to be publically traded, or raise extra fiscal capital for enlargement by selling portions of ownership of the company in a public market. The liquidness that an exchange affords the investors gives them the ability to rapidly and easy sell securities. This is an attractive characteristic of puting in stocks, compared to other less liquid investings such as existent estate. Some companies actively increase liquidness by merchandising in their ain portions.

History has shown that the monetary value of portions and other assets is an of import portion of the kineticss of economic activity, and can act upon or be an index of societal temper. An economic system where the stock market is on the rise is considered to be an energetic economic system. In fact, the stock market is frequently considered the primary index of a state ‘s economic strength and development.

Rising portion monetary values, for case, be given to be associated with increased concern investing and frailty versa. Share monetary values besides affect the wealth of families and their ingestion. Therefore, cardinal Bankss tend to maintain an oculus on the control and behaviour of the stock market and, in general, on the smooth operation of fiscal system maps. Exchanges besides act as the clearinghouse for each dealing, intending that they collect and present the portions, and warrant payment to the marketer of a security. This eliminates the hazard to an single purchaser or marketer that the counterparty could default on the dealing.

The smooth operation of all these activities facilitates economic growing in that lower costs and enterprise hazards advance the production of goods and services every bit good as perchance employment. In this manner the fiscal system is assumed to lend to increased prosperity.



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