Business Plan For Patel Electric Scooter Marketing Essay

August 1, 2017 Marketing

PATEL Electric Scooters will offer quality used electric scooters and electric scooter parts to a turning market of electric scooter hobbyists.

PATEL Electric Scooters will sell new and second-hand electric scooters every bit good as accoutrements, such as jackets, boots, denims, helmets, waxing merchandises, kids ‘s vesture, and spares. It will besides mend and serve electric scooters.

Additional services such as insurance may be provided.

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Why are electric scooters better than gas 1s?

i‚· Environmentally Friendly: Zero tailpipe emanations. Salvage the planet!

i‚· Lower Operating Costss: Approximately 1/20th of gas equivalents. And since gas monetary values continue to lift, this spread will merely widen. Plus, most electrics require small or no care.

i‚· Quieter Use: Electrics are highly quiet, with no loud & A ; noisy engine, which means they can be used in countries which require quiet, such as corporate paseos between edifices of an office campus.

i‚· Cleaner Operation: No gas, exhausts, or fumes to cover with. You ‘ll smell better.

i‚· More Reliable: Fewer traveling parts for less care and less that can interrupt.

i‚· Reduced Oil Dependence: The more electric motors we use, the lupus erythematosus we depend on gas motors, and therefore the less oil your state depends on.

In the beginning, Patel electric scooters will offer first-class value for the first scooters. These will non break the client ‘s budget as 50 to 75 per centum of the costs for fixs and alterations will be reduced due to experient riders and the quality parts that will be used.

Gross saless of scooters continue to lift as they are seen as an reply to many traffic jobs ; they take up less infinite on the route, emit fewer harmful gases and are far cheaper to run than autos. Demand for touring and specializer scooters has besides increased.

Traffic strategies, which allow electric scooters, mopeds and motor scooters to utilize their ain lanes to ease congestion, are likely to go more widespread.

PATEL Scooters will specialise in scooter leases for leisure and corporate travellers ‘ at price reduction monetary values. PATEL Scooters will offer a rental rate that is guaranteed to be the lowest among all scooter rental companies.

This is PATEL Scooters committedness to client satisfaction.

Water scooters are more efficient so autos in many ways: they have better fuel efficiency, go at low care and have lower operating costs.And besides the insurance is available for a inexpensive monetary value of $ 30- $ 50 a twelvemonth.

The targeted clients for concern will be about 125000 pupils from Connecticut State ( USA ) . And so the word of the client service will finally distribute…

There a batch of pupils who use the public conveyance to due the job of happening parking infinites. As the public conveyance offer really few options we are anticipating the economical moped and auto services will come into action really rapidly.

There are a batch of pupils who can non afford to purchase a auto or moped but they can afford to lease a auto or a moped for $ 50 a month or can bit in for to lease one auto together.

Connecticut Scooters would buy used scooters for less than $ 1,000 and rent them out.

Patel ‘s connexion with the electric scooter community and the turning demand for quality used electric scooters and electric scooter parts will do PATEL Electric Scooters one of the most popular stores in the metropolis.


The aims of PATEL Electric Scooters are:

i⤠Capture the bulk of the used electric scooter concern in the Connecticut State.

i⤠give a good quality service for less.

i‚§iˆ a study will be conducted for mensurating client satisfaction ; repetition clients will be the targeted clients for studies.

i⤠Primary end will be to accomplish 45 % of net income border in first two old ages.


The mission of PATEL Electric Scooters is to go the primary resource for used electric scooter parts in Connecticut.

Wayss of Success

The cardinal ways of success for PATEL Electric Scooters are:

Repeat clients Satisfaction.

Keeping the monetary value, quality and clip beyond client ‘s outlook.

Joining experient professionals and seting them together to work in a squad.

Secure and busy location near by University.

As provider drama chief function in any concern, so set uping a provider web go a necessity.

Somehow concern besides depends on employee moral behaviour, so honoring them at their success, is a measure in front in client satisfaction way.

Company Summary

PATEL Electric Scooters will offer quality used electric scooters and electric scooter parts to a turning market of electric scooter hobbyists. The store will buy used and damaged scooters every bit good as used electric scooter parts.

Company Ownership

PATEL Electric Scooters is owned by Sumitraben Patel

Start-up Expenses

A electric scooter gross revenues, fix and serving concern ‘ costs will change well, depending on services provided. By selling electric scooter parts, riders who undertake their ain fixs will be attracted. The premises must be large plenty to expose several big scooters plus accoutrements. An bing concern could be purchased, with established repute and client good will, etc. ‘Electric scooter Trader Directory ‘ lists providers of machines, constituents, spares, auctioneers, etc, with contact names and references.

Initial and on-going costs could include:

i⤠A scope of electric scooters, scooters, mopeds, etc.

i⤠A big scope of accoutrements, vesture, trim parts, etc.

i⤠A tool kit ( $ 300- $ 700 ) .

i⤠Spot welder ( $ 200 ) .

i⤠Paint denudation equipment ( from $ 50 ) .

i⤠Other equipment, e.g. graduated tables ( $ 250 ) , brake examiner ( $ 3,700- $ 4,750 ) , headlamp examiner ( $ 495 ) .

i⤠Electric scooters lift ( $ 520- $ 1,300 ) .

i⤠Paddocks stand ( $ 150 ) .

i⤠Tire adjustment equipment, e.g. tyre modifier ( $ 1300- $ 1600 ) , wheel balancer ( $ 1500- $ 1900 ) .

i⤠Mig welder ( from $ 350 ) .





Start-up Summary

Sumitraben Patel will put and besides procure a $ 20,000 loan. The focal point of the initial stock list will be on engine and electrical parts. The beginning of these parts is electric scooter hobbyists who sell the parts in order to buy upgrade parts for their ain electric scooters.

The undermentioned tabular array and chart show projected initial start-up costs for PATEL Electric Scooters.

Legal $ 1,000

Stationery etc. $ 500

Insurance $ 500

Rent $ 1,000

Display Equipment $ 3,000

Expensed Equipment $ 5,000

Entire Start-up Expense $ 11,000

Start-up Assetss Needed

Cash Balance on Get downing Date $ 24,000

Start-up Inventory $ 45,000

Entire Assets $ 69,000

Entire Requirements $ 80,000

Support Investing

Sumitraben Patel $ 80,000

Entire Investment $ 80,000

Entire awaited one-year turnover for first twelvemonth: $ 250,000

Entire awaited one-year net net income: $ 112,500


We believe it is of import to hold quality electric scooters at a low cost, and will endorse each rhythm with a 30 twenty-four hours limited guarantee. Our company will do a net income by bring forthing gross revenues. It will supply occupation satisfaction and just compensation to its employees, and a just return to its proprietors.

Hard work and public presentation is rewarded through fillips and committees. Job satisfaction is really of import for employees and proprietors ; we will make a work environment that is gratifying and profitable for all.

Why are electric scooters better than gas 1s?

i‚· Environmentally Friendly: Zero tailpipe emanations. Salvage the planet!

i‚· Lower Operating Costss: Approximately 1/20th of gas equivalents. And since gas monetary values continue to lift, this spread will merely widen. Plus, most electrics require small or no care.

i‚· Quieter Use: Electrics are highly quiet, with no loud & A ; noisy engine, which means they can be used in countries which require quiet, such as corporate paseos between edifices of an office campus.

i‚· Cleaner Operation: No gas, exhausts, or fumes to cover with. You ‘ll smell better.

i‚· More Reliable: Fewer traveling parts for less care and less that can interrupt.

i‚· Reduced Oil Dependence: The more electric motors we use, the lupus erythematosus we depend on gas motors, and therefore the less oil your state depends on.

Electric scooters are more preferred because they:

i‚· Darting desires are fulfilled ;

i‚· Easy and speedy, fun doing local errand ;

Environmental friendly while saves some vaulting horses ;

Convenient point to indicate transit ;

Solves job of parking and helps with cutoffs ;

Brings more merriment and freedom in one ‘s life.

In comparing to gas-powered scooters, electric scooters bring better advantages for transit every bit good as diversion.

Comparing to gas-powered scooters, electric scooters are allowed in train plane coach etcaˆ¦

Decrease of Noise every bit good as air pollution.

Care is lowered due to utilize of simple electric motors ‘ .

Quick and better response when get downing or mounting on hill.

Many times electric scooters are purchased as a “ plaything ” , still they have long life as transit.

1. ( a ) regulations of safety while siting scooters.

i‚· Riders do no duck out of the traffic irresponsibly.

i‚· Friends should non allow friends sit scooters when rummy.

i‚· Riders should non sit at high velocities on the pavement.

i‚· Peoples should non allow inexperient riders ride soaped-up scooters.

i‚· Riders should maintain in head that pedestrians ever have the right to go through foremost.

i‚· Responsible parents should be certain that their kids wear proper safety cogwheel when siting scooters.

PATEL Electric Scooters offers the undermentioned merchandises:

i⤠Used Electric scooters: These rhythms have been inspected and on occasion reconditioned in order to offer the client the best value.

i⤠Used Partss: These quality parts include engine parts, bodywork, gas armored combat vehicles, electrical parts, frame, and human body wheels and brakes.

Used Electric scooters

We will hold at times 20 to 50 used electric scooters.

Electric scooter clang fixs

PATEL Electric Scooters offers a complete scope of electric scooter clang and harm fix services:

Fuel Tank Repair

Damaged fuel armored combat vehicles dent will be repaired by utilizing needed he-man gun which welds dent country with draw pins, with the usage of side hammer the dent will be pulled, by these manner it makes possible to take dent without boring or filling.

After that country will be cleared by a thin coat of glazing surface, block sand, and so high Prime Minister quality coat will be added.

When it dries, armored combat vehicle gets ready for wet sand and concluding base colour coat which gives a perfect coating.

Plastic Repair and Welding.

We will Repair plastic organic structure parts that are costlier, like parts holding damages, clefts etcaˆ¦ fictile welder and rods will be used of best quality to mend chapped parts.

Surety for quality

We get 100 per centum warrants when the parts are perfect. And there will be no mark of harm.

We will on occasion be able to mend damaged race fibreglass. We will urge replacing the with new parts if the organic structure work has moderate to heavy harm. parts.

It takes hours get a to a great extent damaged portion into the right form so that it can be painted. And if the occupation is non dome decently the pigment will look ugly and we are really acute on holding a good picture occupation done. The money spent on the fix of a heavy damaged portion will be twice the cost of a new portion and secondly the portion will ever hold the grade of the clang or the marks of hairline clefts around the climb holes.

The cost to mend a less damaged portion is A? the cost of a new portion. In such instances we recommend to acquire it repaired instead than replace it.

Electric scooter Insurance Repairs

We will manage insurance fixs and claims to acquire your electric scooter back in perfect form. All fixs will be done utilizing mill OEM replacing parts where needed. Pick-up will be available by assignment.

Electric scooter Insurance Repairs and Claim Handling

PATEL Electric Scooters will work with you and your insurance company. We handle everything from composing your fix estimation and managing your insurance claim to picking up your crashed electric scooter.

The insurance fix procedure will work as follows:

Once an scooter arrives at the Patel electric scooters it will be inspected for any crash amendss and a elaborate written papers will be made that will cover all the all the amendss that occurred before the scooter arrived.

We call the insurance company one time the estimation of the fixs is complete they will so direct an adjustor to our store to compare our estimation to theirs.

Once the estimation has been approved by the adjustor and gives the blessing for the estimation after that merely will the insurance company sand us the payment for the Upon blessing of the estimation by the adjustor, he will subject blessing of payment to the insurance company.

Factory oem replacings will be ordered for every portion that need replacings for the scooter to acquire ready for rhenium piecing when the the new parts arrive.

Market Analysis Summary

The traditional clients of a electric scooter retail merchant are immature males. The figure of riders taking basic preparation has risen, mostly due to an addition in the figure of older riders ( 25+ ) . They may or may non hold had scooters before, will purchase for leisure intents and besides tend to purchase higher monetary value scooters which have higher net income borders for the retail merchant.

They will be auto proprietors, and being used to service from the auto market, will desire to purchase from clean, smart franchises. Higher monetary values could be charged, as they will by and large be willing to pay for a high degree of service and will hold a higher disposable income to pass on accoutrements.

Womans are an progressively of import client group, as the figure of female riders rises. Customers are going more demanding of good service, back-up and information proviso, so maintaining in front of the competition will affect strict preparation for employer and staff in order to maintain abreast of new engineering in the market.

Merely a little proportion of the population owns a electric scooter, hence there is still a big possible market for gross revenues. The figure of full electric scooter licences held in this state far exceeds the figure of scooters on the route, so it is non indispensable to aim new riders. It may be possible to carry nonchurchgoing riders to take up the avocation once more.

There is besides a concern sector. As roads become more clotted, auto velocities in metropoliss are diminishing significantly, and a electric scooter messenger industry has developed. In such conditions scooters are well faster. The constabulary and paramedics have begun to utilize more electric scooters for the same ground. A store could develop a relationship with a commercial or public sector client, taking on supply and care of a fleet of scooters.

Some of the larger electric scooter traders have suffered over the last twelvemonth as consumer demand has decreased. Electric scooter traders normally have multi-franchises ; links with several makers instead than selling the merchandise of one maker, as happens in the auto franchise market. However, developing links with a maker can be really hard. Manufacturers are seeking to increase net incomes, and this normally means developing and helping bing successful franchise mercantile establishments. Most countries are now good covered for franchises. Competition besides includes the auto market. Despite environmental concerns, for most people the auto is still the first pick for independent travel.

Over the past 10 old ages, equitation has developed an wholly new client base among baby boomer work forces, ages 40 to 65. Last twelvemonth, electric scooter gross revenues for this age group were twice that of immature work forces, ages 18 to 25. These two groups represent 80 % of electric scooter gross revenues. In Connecticut State, electric scooter gross revenues exceeded $ 36 million in 2009 and gross revenues are predicted to turn by 10 % this twelvemonth.

The demographics suggest that there is a big market for used electric scooters and electric scooter parts, particularly among experient scooters. This is peculiarly of import because the experient client will seek out a store where the proprietor has a repute for quality and service in the electric scooter community.

Market Cleavage

PATEL Electric Scooters will concentrate on two client groups:

i⤠Male babe boomers, ages 40 Р65.

i⤠Young work forces, ages 18 Р25.

Competitive Comparison

The providers have the batch of power in negotiating and scene of the monetary values of the merchandises on the store. This is a fact that the providers earn the most money signifier these sort stores and companies. It is consolidate that the fix industry have the deepest pockets and a a bound Numberss of replacement clients. Finally there are the lone most of import providers to Connecticut electric scooters industry.

Market Tendencies

The market demand for electric scooter gross revenues, fix and service industry has been comparatively stable over the past decennary.

However, the mean monetary value per scooter has seen a steady addition, particularly within the last five old ages. These more expensive scooters have, on norm, much higher fix costs per vehicle than any older scooters. This has upset the short-run equilibrium of the industry and given inducements for new houses to come in the market.

Scheme and Implementation Summary

The location of a electric scooter gross revenues, fix and services concern is really of import in pulling clients. A site near to the Centre of town will be easy accessible to possible clients in all countries of the part. Being located near public conveyance paths will do it convenient for clients to utilize alternate signifiers of conveyance while their electric scooter is being serviced. Early and flushing gap hours will suit those clients who need to drop off their electric scooters on their manner to work, or roll up them afterwards.

Good presentation of the store and staff will be utile for pulling repetition concern. Neat premises and helpful, friendly staff will transfuse assurance in clients and farther advance the concern through word of mouth recommendation. To aim clients in the local country, advertizements can be placed in local publications. Lists in directories will be utile, e.g. the Yellow Pages. Advertising monthly particular trades on certain types of fix work in the local newspapers, is another option.

Some parts providers offer promotional support plans for independent garages in return for carrying merely their merchandises. Often these bundles include signage, point of purchase support stuff every bit good as advertisement support. An increasing figure of concerns are publicizing their services on the Internet.

Competitive Edge

Sumitraben Patel, proprietor of PATEL Electric Scooters is one of most well-thought-of and best known Business adult male in Connecticut, she besides own three motels in different parts of United States.

Selling Scheme

PATEL Electric Scooters will set up and keep close links with a electric scooter rider preparation company. Licensing demands mean most scholars will look foremost for a rider preparation company ; they may non near a trader until they have passed their trial.

A good repute is indispensable. If the concern establishes a repute for a friendly, knowing and helpful service, new riders ( including adult females and older riders ) will be encouraged to swear and purchase from it in an on-going relationship. There are many electric scooter exhibitions and festivals ; these are a good topographic point to run into clients and others in the trade.

Ad will be undertaken harmonizing to the mark market. The bulk of active motorcyclists in the US read a electric scooter magazine all of which have a Merchandise and Services Guide, plus adverts from traders. Lists in the Yellow Pages and local concern directories will be worthwhile.

Local electric scooter nines will be contacted to inform them of the services.

Gross saless Strategy

PATEL Electric Scooters will open with a Customization Show and Competition. During the first month of operation, PATEL Electric Scooters will offer a 15 % price reduction on all purchases over $ 50. Sumitraben will besides offer a standard 10 % price reduction to members of the metropolis ‘s seven electric scooter organisations.

Management Summary

Bhagvat Patel will pull off the day-to-day operations of the store under sumitraben patel ‘s supervising.

Yakub and zahgir are two motorcyclist specializer, will be managing all fixs, where there salary will be 1250/month for each.

Besides Sumitraben Patel, PATEL Electric Scooters will hold three extra employees.

Strategic Direction

SWOT Analysis

This is a sum-up of the concern ‘s most of import strengths, failings, chances and menaces.

Strengths of the Business

Excellent quality merchandise

“ Which means that ” Adds to repute.

Good direction accomplishments.

“ Which means that ” Well run concern

Good ability to pull out information.

“ Which means that ” Can command the business.-

Failings of the Business

New Player.

“ Which means that ” Credibility job may impact initial gross revenues

Lack of systems

“ Which means that ” The Company needs to develop systemised operational & A ; gross revenues techniques or forfeit net incomes

Opportunities in the Market

Add-on merchandises such as **

“ Which means that ” A potentially tremendous market for PATEL electric scooters to tap into.

Turning market sections.

“ Which means that ” PATEL electric scooters should aim these sections.

Menaces in the Market

Increasing provider monetary values.

“ Which means that ” Resulting in reduced profitableness.

Worsening size of the ** section.

“ Which means that ” Need to concentrate on turning sections to distribute the company ‘s portfolio

The Actual Plan ( yearly )

Business Aims

Corporate Aims ( Goals )

Short Term Corporate

To accomplish a gross revenues degree of $ 250000

To accomplish net income degree of 45 %

Marketing Aims ( Goals )

{ your merchandise }

# 1 Section: To accomplish gross revenues to $ 30000

# 2 Section: To accomplish gross revenues to $ 60000

# 3 Section: To accomplish gross revenues to $ 70000

# 4 Section: To accomplish gross revenues to $ 90000

New Merchandises

To measure and establish new merchandises or services which will turn over $ 120000 in the first twelvemonth.

Other Objectives ( Goals )

To non transcend a selling budget of $ 4800

To non transcend a paysheet budget of $ 42000

To non transcend a general overhead budget of $ 21360

The major undertaking aims for each country of the organisation, together with duties and timings are detailed in the Roll-Out Plan.

Selling Plan

Selling Aim

Gross saless Objective To accomplish gross revenues by 45 %

Gross saless Aims by Market Segment.

# 1 Section: To accomplish gross revenues to $ 30000

# 2 Section: To accomplish gross revenues to $ 60000

# 3 Section: To accomplish gross revenues to $ 70000


Print Ad

Develop a corporate booklet.

Advertise in local publications

Advertise monthly in magazines that are specifically targeted to the ** and ** sections.

Advertise monthly in magazines that are aimed at the general industry.

Lead Generation Program

Conduct monthly ongoing lead coevals plan. Send out monthly direct mail cusps with response vouchers. Qualify leads and do assignments by utilizing telemarketing staff.

“ Centres Of Influence ” Plan

Personally contact at least 10 possible spouses each hebdomad.

Produce a monthly newssheet that shows illustrations of ( your merchandises ) and how clients have benefited from utilizing them.

PR Program

PR release to be initiated each month to assorted trade diaries and magazines.

Gross saless Force

Employ teleselling staff.

Implement a new structural plan for the gross revenues force, apportioning gross revenues reps to histories and sections instead than country.

Form developing plan to be implemented.

Lost Customers

Contact monthly all past clients that have non re-ordered to inquire why non and see whether we can win back their concern.

Follow up Questions

Contact all inquirers monthly and find if they have purchased from a rival and, if so, why.

Existing Customers

Follow up all new clients two hebdomads after they purchase to guarantee they are satisfied with the merchandise.

Send quarterly newssheet to bing clients to maintain them informed of our other merchandises.

Try and up-sell all questions for our standard scope to our premium scope.

Gross saless Promotion

Develop an on-going gross revenues publicity to aim bing clients.

GENERAL Selling Scheme

Competitor Profile

Keep updated rival profile.

Marketing information system

Document on every question “ How did you hear about us? ”

Document on every order “ How did you hear about us? ”

Produce monthly gross revenues studies by merchandise, by market section, by district and by gross revenues representative.

Fiscal Plan

FINANCIAL Next Year ‘s Aims

Net Net income To accomplish forecast net net income of $ 112500.

Budget To non transcend the undermentioned disbursal budgets.

Marketing Budget $ 4800

Payroll Budget $ 42000

Management Overheads $ 21360


Cash Flow

Extinguish hard currency deficit in the traditional tight periods of December to January

Collection Dayss

Reduce the mean aggregation yearss from 30 yearss to 15 yearss.

Payment Dayss

Maintain payment of measures, on norm, to 20 yearss.


Develop and implement new policies on blessing and signers on disbursals.


Pay off the bing rental on PATEL equipment, therefore cut downing the monthly fiscal load.


Pay all rewards on a monthly footing alternatively of hebdomadal.


Better the figure of stock bends to 30000 a twelvemonth.


Negotiate new footings on the premises and cut down bing payments by 10 %

Organizational Plan


Following Year ‘s Aims

Budget To non transcend the paysheet budget of $ 42000



Draw organisational chart.

Develop incentive strategy related to occupation demands.

Policies and processs

Develop policies and processs manual.

Employ telemarketers.


Carry out developing demands analysis.


Install suggestion box.

Form monthly meetings to follow up undertakings


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