Improving Subtraction Ability In Whole Numbers Education Essay

August 5, 2017 Education

The intent of survey to find how to better the ability of whole Numberss minus ability through RME attack. Research done at the First grade pupils of SDN Buaran 2 Tangerang Jakarta, Indonesia. The research method was Action Research with four rhythms dwelling of planning, execution, observation and contemplation. The survey was conducted in cooperation with schoolroom instructors. Data collected utilizing cheque list to depict learning procedure and trial to mensurate larning result and so analyzed descriptively. The survey found that contextual job, mathematics tools and optimisation of group work in the application of RME attack can better the ability of the minus ability in whole Numberss and surrogate pupils ‘ positive attitudes towards mathematics.

Cardinal word: Subtraction ability, RME


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Education as a field that occupies a cardinal place in development for educational aims to better the quality of human resources in order to be ready to confront globalisation. Globalization requires human resources that are dependable and able to vie in all countries nationally and internationally. Competitive community development begins with developing believing ability. Mathematicss can develop studentaa‚¬a„?s thought accomplishments through job resolution ( Reys 1998 )

The world show low ability pupils in understanding math constructs in minus ability in whole Numberss, peculiarly on First class pupils in primary. Low ability in whole Numberss minus is influenced by many factors: ( 1 ) instructors who have non been able to affect pupils actively, ( 2 ) Teachers do non utilize a tool or a medium of larning to ease pupils in happening construct, ( 3 ) There is no connexion between mathematics and existent life.

Harmonizing to child development psychological science, First Grade pupils are still at the concrete operational degree. So they need concrete to patterning abstract construct. Therefore required the mathematical acquisition interesting, merriment, and exciting for pupils. This can be overcome by the usage of the attack or theoretical account of larning appropriate to the degree of pupil growing.

Therefore, it is necessary to near suited for usage in learning mathematics. Of the bing berbagaipendekatan, one of which is the attack of RME ( Realistic Mathematics Education ) . RME is mostly determined by the positions of Freudenthal ( 1991 ) who said that mathematics is non a topic that is ready to be for pupils, but instead a dynamic lesson can be learned by making. Furthermore Freudenthal ( 1991 ) besides states that “ Mathematics is human activity ” , therefore the acquisition of mathematics suggested by human activity.

From the above account it can be concluded that the RME attack is taught with due regard, viz. : ( 1 ) mathematics should be near to kids and relevant to mundane life state of affairss, ( 2 ) that mathematics is an attempt that emphasized pupil activity in the execution.

Based on the assorted accounts about the usage of the RME attack, research workers interested in analyzing how the math accomplishments of primary school pupils in class 1 in peculiar on the material decrease of the natural Numberss can be increased through the RME attack in one instance 2 Elementary School.

Formulation of research jobs is the job can be formulated in this survey were: “ How operasipengurangan heighten the natural Numberss with RME attack grade pupils of SDN Buaran 2 Serpong I?

Reseach aims

Formulation of research jobs is the job can be formulated in this survey were: “ How operasipengurangan heighten the natural Numberss with RME attack grade pupils of SDN Buaran 2 Serpong I?


The survey was conducted on pupils in class IV, SDN Kramat Pela 01 forenoon in South Jakarta. This type of survey is classroom action research utilizing the theoretical account of Kemmis and Taggart ( the Koshi, 2005 ) . The variables studied were the ability of instructors to implement the RME and the activities of pupils in the acquisition procedure. Datas were collected by observation techniques during the learning procedure and giving the trial to the pupil interviews. Data collected in the survey treated descriptively.


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Discussion and coclusion

After using the PMRI attack to larning for three rhythms of increasing the ability to run in the decrease of natural Numberss I elementary grade pupils. Particularly during the execution of the mold. Modeling in this survey had a really of import part to constructing the construct of pupil larning about the decrease of the natural Numberss, where the mold is done by pupils is the inspiration of pupils when they understand the job and work out it in groups. Modeling of the pupil in the rhythm I was still seen a batch of defects, it is because pupils are non accustomed to larning with PMRI. Students are confused to do the mold job with the decrease of perpendicular to horizontal matematisasi hence many pupils ask the instructor. But in the 2nd rhythm patterning activities pupils have experienced peningakatan, pupils are able to develop their believing power to pattern the job, and the rhythm III to be really good consequences permodelannya. Students are no longer much to inquire instructors to make it yourself with assurance and armed with the cognition of the old rhythm.

The 2nd activity that plays an of import function in this research is group work or treatment. Through group treatment the pupils many larning experiences in which pupils must come together to portion thoughts on sekelompoknya friends. This treatment helpful in increasing pupils ‘ ability to run a decrease in the natural Numberss, it can be seen from the animation of the pupils express thoughts and cognition. I rhythm on these treatments lead to some pupils cry because contending props and want to work on their ain assigned undertakings are non discussed with members of the group. Signifikanpun alterations occur in rhythms III where the pupils are able to work together in a group without contending over who should be making and instructors use props mensikapi upset by giving one individual a prop. It was made in group treatments to be good pupils.

Percentage activity is besides one of the of import events in the success in bettering pupil acquisition in the PMRI attack. This is evident in every rhythm in which pupils learn to read and notice on their ain work which will assist pupils to retrieve their ain construct of decrease as a direct consequence of acquisition. Cycles I and II on the per centum of activity is still lacking, particularly in rhythm I, they still ask for referrals of instructors to talk and no 1 wants to react to the per centums. But it turned disiklus III is capable of showing pupils were get downing to utilize simple linguistic communication that is apprehensible to them, instructors are actuating to pupils because it gives instructors a good stimulation for the acquisition procedure by inquiring the inquiry on all pupils, and threw inquiries at pupils others with an easy to understand the pupils discussed. In the 3rd rhythm besides has a few per centums of pupils reacting to the inquiry even though the signifier of simple inquiries. PMRI attack that instructors use to give a batch of advancement in larning activities that impact on bettering pupils ‘ abilities.

Associate professor in the acquisition activities that have been studied with other stuffs or with day-to-day life carried out in each rhythm. Associate instructors in each rhythm of larning with other countries with the purpose that pupils are subsequently used to happen an issue that can be solved utilizing the construct of decrease. III Disiklus more instructors to enable pupils in larning that is linked with other Fieldss and at the clip of reasoning the lesson. It aims to enable pupils to complete acquisition activities.

PMRI attack besides finally have an impact in footings of pupils ‘ affective, the pupils became more aroused and happy, particularly seen in the treatment group menggunakna props, and by the clip pupils get pengahargaan of instructors. Judging from the activities of instructors, for instructors to acquire a new experience when implementing PMRI larning attack. In this PMRI larning instructors merely act as facilitators who provide way, motive and feedback for pupils to see the acquisition procedure every bit good.

From the account above it can be concluded that larning mathematics is done utilizing the acquisition attack Realistic Mathematics Education ( PMRI ) is appropriate to heighten pupils ‘ ability to run a decrease of the natural Numberss.

Implikasi kajian dan cadangan ( Implication and recommendation )

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Rujukan ( APA 6th erectile dysfunction )

Faizah. A. Majid ( 2011 ) . School-based Assessment in Malayan Schools: The concern of the English Teachers. Journal of US-China Education Review. 8 ( 10 ) .


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