Super Regions of the Philippines

July 11, 2017 Tourism

Super Regions of the Philippines The “super” regions of the Philippines are an informal grouping of parts of regions and provinces of the Philippines based on their economic strengths. The creation of “super” regions was first proposed by the President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in her sixth State of the Nation Address to group the selected regions/provinces by their economic strengths. Composition North Luzon Agribusiness Quadrangle ?Ilocos Region or Region 1 (I) ?Cordillera Administrative Region or CAR ?Cagayan Valley or Region 2 (II) Northern portion of northern provinces of Central Luzon or Region 3 (III) ? Aurora (north of Baler) ?Nueva Ecija (north of Cabanatuan City) ?Tarlac (north of Tarlac City) ?Zambales (north of Subic) Metro Luzon Urban Beltway “Luzon Urban Beltway” ?Southern portion of the northern provinces and the rest of Central Luzon or Region 3 (III) ? Aurora (south of Baler, including Baler) ?Bataan ?Bulacan ?Nueva Ecija (south of Cabanatuan City, including Cabanatuan) ? Pampanga ?Tarlac (south of Tarlac City, including Tarlac) ?Zambales (south of Subic, including Subic) Metro Manila or National Capital Region or (NCR) ?CALABARZON or Region 4-A (IV-A) ?MIMAROPA or Region 4-B (IV-B) (excluding the provinces of Palawan and Romblon) ? Marinduque ?Occidental Mindoro ?Oriental Mindoro Central Philippines Region Also known as Tourism Super Region. ?MIMAROPA or Region 4-B (IV-B) (excluding the provinces of Marinduque, Occidental and Oriental Mindoro) ? Romblon ?Palawan ?Bicol Region or Region 5 (V) ?Western Visayas or Region 6 (VI) ?Central Visayas or Region 7 (VII) ?Eastern Visayas or Region 8 (VIII) Camiguin of Northern Mindanao or Region 10 (X) ?Siargao Island of Caraga or Region 13 (XIII) Mindanao Super Region Also known as “Agribusiness Mindanao” Super Region. ?Zamboanga Peninsula or Region 9 (IX) ?Northern Mindanao or Region 10 (X), except Camiguin ?Davao Region or Region 11 (XI) ?SOCCSKSARGEN or Region 12 (XII) ?Caraga or Region 13 (XIII), except Island of Siargao ?Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao or (ARMM) Cyber Corridor ?Traverses the above “super” regions from Baguio to Cebu to Davao. Philippine Cyber Corridor

The Philippine Cyberservices Corridor is a plan that is being pursued by the government of the Philippines to create interconnected centers of technology-related services, that are spread out all over the country. Services include business process outsourcing, medical transcription, and the like. It is part of the ten-point agenda of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and is one of the five “super-regions” outlined in her 2006State of the Nation Address. The corridor will stretch 600 miles from the city of Baguio in the north of the country to the city of Zamboanga in the south of the country.

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A major achievement of the Philippine Cyberservices Corridor is the establishment of the Philippine Silicon Alley which is centered in the University of the Philippine Technology Park along C. P. Garcia and Katipunan Avenue. The Technology Park houses 20 software and firmware outsourcing companies which include the JAVA Research and Development Center, SYSTEMA Computer Solutions Corp. , MICOM and ASTRA. The Technology Park also has a network of over 60 small and medium software companies being incubated around the area and was recently awarded by the World Bank Infodev project as the most successful incubation center in Asia.

A major center of the corridor, Silicon Gulf, is also being constructed. It is based in Davao. Development Themes The “super” regions shall have the following primary, through not exclusive, development themes: ? Northern Luzon Agribusiness Quadrangle – Agribusiness ?Luzon Urban Beltway – Globally competitive industrial and service center ? Central Philippines – Tourism ?Agribusiness Mindanao – Agribusiness ?Cyber Corridor – Information and communication technology and knowledge economy


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