RASHTRASANT TUKADOJI MAHARAJ NAGPUR UNIVERSITY **** SEVENTH SEMESTER B. E. EXAMINATION OF WINTER 2011 # PROGRAMME( WRITTEN ) # Seventh Sem. B. E. Winter 2011 (248 to 265 ) Time : 9. 30 A. M. To 12. 30 P. M. Sr. No. Name of Branch Day Monday Thursday Tuesday Monday Thursday Monday Date 31-10-2011 03-11-2011 08-11-2011 14-11-2011 17-11-2011 21-11-2011 1. Civil Engineering ** Advanced Concrete Structures Irrigation Engg. Maintenance & Rehabileation of Civil Engg. Structure Elect ive-I ** Structure

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Analysis- III ————– 2. Electronics Engineering Electronic System Design. UHF & Microwave. Digital Signal Processing Digital Communication Elect ive-I 1. CMOS VLSI -Design Elect ive – I 1. Switching Theor y 2. Fuzzy Logic & Neural Networ k 3. Electronics Design Technology. Advanced Microprocessor & Microcontrollers Industial Design of Electronic Equipments Digital Signal Processing Elect ive-I 1. Digital Communication 2. Optical Communication CMOS VLSI -Design Elect ive – I 1. Switching Theor y 2. Fuzzy Logic & Neural Networ k 4. Instrumentation Engineering Microprocessor & Microcontroller Based Design. * Control System Design Elect ive-I Process Control Chemical & Analytical Instrumentation. ————– 5. Electronics & Telecommunication / Communicat ion Engineering Advanced Microprocessor & Microcontrollers Television Engineering Digital Signal Processing Digital Communication Elect ive-I ————– 6. Industrial Electronics Engineering Robotic & CNC Television Engineering Digital Signal Processing Power Electronics- II Elect ive-I ————– 7. Electrical Engineering ( Elect & Power) Electrical Power- II Control System- II High Voltage Engineering Power Electronic Elect ive-I ————– . Power Electronics Engineering Advanced Microprocessors & Peripherals Pulse & Switching Circuits Fundamentals of Electronics Drives Applied Power Electronics Elect ive-I ————– 9. Computer Technology Operating System Database Management System Computer Networ ks Elect ive-II Elect ive-I ————— – 10. Computer Engineering Operating System Visual Techniques Internet & Java Programming Artificial Neural Network Fuzzy Logic. Principles of Compiler Design ————– 11. Mechanical Engineering Production Technology- II Energy Conversion- II Machine Design- III Elect ve-II Elect ive-I ————– 12. Production Engineering Quality Engineering Automation Computer Aided Design & System Analysis Operation Research Techniques Elect ive-I ————– 13. Industrial Engineering Quality Management Industrial Automation Ergonomics & Value Engineering Human Resource Management Relational Database Management System ————– 14. Information Technology Computer Networ ks & Internet Computer System Security Digital Signal Processing Elect ive-II Elect ive-I ————– 15. Mining Engineering Ground Control in Mines Mine Environment- III Computer Application in Mining

Mineral Economics Elect ive-I Mine System Engineering 16. Power Engineering (New) System Turbines & ITS AUX Energy Conversion- II Thermal Power Plant Commissioning Turbo Generator & ITS AUX ————– ### 17. Computer Science Engineering (Old) Language Processor DBMS Analysis of Algorithms Humanities ( EL / II) 1. Principles of Management 2. Industrial Economics 3. IT Economics ————– ————– 18. Computer Science Engineering ( New) Language Processor TCP / IP & Internet Elect ive-I Elect ive-II ————– ————– ** Note : Timing of these papers only will be 9. 0 A. M. to 1. 30 P. M. # # # Note : 2) The Examination for the Paper ‘ Machine Design-II’ of Seventh Semester B. E. ( Power Engg. ) will be conducted on MONDAY 21/11 /2011 From 9. 30. a. m. to 12. 30 p. m. At the centre mentioned. ———————————————————————————————————————————————– GENERAL INSTRUCTION S FOR SEATING ARRANGEMENT The name of the College Centre is already printed on the Admission Card of each Candidate. However, it is notified for genera l information of the Candidates that: –

The seating arrangement for the Centre will be notified separately seven days prior to the Commencement of the written examination at the respective College / Centre, The Candidates concerned will also be able to get the necessary information from that chart of seating arrangement sent to the concerned College by University. —————————————————————————————————————————– ——————————————————————————————– NAGPUR: Dr. S. P. Kane Controller of Examinations



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