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Coca-cola is considered to be one of the most successful trade names of all time. Why? Discuss why coca-cola has become such a powerful trade name.


Nowadays, it has been a tendency for the planetary economic development to center on trade name civilization. In many commercial programs, determination shapers frequently have some ideas that what the nucleus of its trade name civilization and how to do its trade name stronger. Therefore it has been more and more of import for a company to establish a strong trade name. Coca-cola, the universe largest drink company, is one of the most first-class illustrations of brand-centered companies and it has been the taking trade name in the universe for 10 old ages from 2000 to 2009. The astonishing thing about coca-cola is how consistent the trade name has been over clip. This essay will concentrate on its stigmatization procedure: how coca-cola implements its trade name civilization and creates the powerful trade name. Finally, I will compare it with its chief rival, PepsiCo.


Actually, Coca-Cola which has so power trade name is benefited from its company trade name scheme — — branding procedure: it continuously enhances the nucleus fight of endeavors so that the “ Coca-cola ” enters into people ‘s memories and so creates a well-known planetary trade name and a first endeavor. As Blythe claims, ‘branding is the apogee of a scope of activities across the whole selling mix, taking to a trade name image which conveys a whole set of messages to the consumer about quality, monetary value, expected public presentation and position. ‘

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trade name name and logo

Brand name

The success of coca-cola trade name scheme is first benefit from a really good trade name name. After John. S. Pemberton invented it, his spouse Frank Robinson called this merchandise “ coca-cola ” . I believe that trade name name is an indispensable portion of branding scheme, and a good trade name name is the premiss of the trade name consciousness credence, satisfaction and even trueness by consumers. Meanwhile, trade name name to a big extent influences the trade name association, every bit good as merchandise gross revenues have a direct impact. For coca-cola name, it fits in with the undermentioned features: foremost of all, it is easy to read and retrieve in order to expeditiously execute its map of acknowledgment and airing. For illustration it forms the feature of rime. Following, it encourages the development of moniker. Coca-cola is ever called Cola by people, so when we talk about Cola, the first image reflected in our head is coca-cola. What ‘s more, they should pass on something about the merchandise. Obviously, its name contains the particular elements ‘coca ‘ and ‘kola ‘ in the drink.

Brand logo

In add-on to the trade name name, logo is besides a strong factor to branding procedure and it is a direct contemplation of company image. So a powerful trade name should hold a singular and graphic logo. Coca-cola ‘s logo was designed and drawn through the handwritten Spencer longhand books by Frank Robinson. It is simple and typical to follow the strategy of ruddy and white colour to appeal people ‘s heads. The coherency of letters which looks like a long white corrugation gives a sense of motion and to the full reflects the features of liquid. Entire design reflects a symbol of ‘youthful exuberance of America ‘ . From coca-cola ‘s logo, there are two chief benefits to lend on its powerful trade name: foremost, it helps heighten market competition. Second, it is an intangible and priceless plus, because it represents credibleness of the company.


To win in branding it is besides of import to understand the demands and wants of clients. So success of applications of coca-cola selling mix: 4Ps, viz. monetary value, merchandise, topographic point and publicity, will strongly act upon consumers to take coca-cola.


Another factor of coca-cola trade name scheme ‘s success is its ‘mysterious civilization ‘ . Coca-cola is ever called “ charming H2O ” by some people. Actually, this statement is non overdone, because the enigma component accounting to less than 1 % – “ 7X figure of goods ” is perfectly confidential. However, the sense of enigma which has been continuously enhanced plays a map of spirit intimation, to do this somewhat sweet, a small unusual drink go downright ‘magic H2O ‘ – people enjoy it all the clip.

Meanwhile, assorted sorts of coke are divided into several little market sections – multi-segment targeting scheme. For illustration, it merchandises diet coke which focal point on older people and adult females ; coke zero chiefly faces to wellness witting work forces and red coke is selected by young persons. Harmonizing to the differences of consumer ‘s demand, coca-cola ‘s market sections maximise its trade name impact and create economic sciences of graduated table.

Monetary value

For coca-cola ‘s monetary value scheme, it chiefly adopted ‘penetration pricing ‘ : Coca Cola has made many comparatively low pricing determinations as a manner to make the mass market. Its advantage is that detering or barricading competition from market entry. On the other manus, as a transnational corporate – the Beverage Giant, it is easy to pitch up for mass production to do this pricing scheme successful. First coca-cola uses the lower monetary value to perforate new metropoliss. After striking the low monetary value shop trade names, coca-cola achieves a high market portion, and so it will take to shift itself as a “ Premium ” trade name.

Topographic point

More than 70 % of their income comes from outside the United States. So it needs a strong distribution system. There are three chief types of distribution: 1. cooperation with the little and average graduated table industry. It could non merely assist coca-cola sell its merchandise through the local concerns, but besides creates wide-job chances. And so the local authorities may make a good investing clime, particularly in revenue enhancement policies, as it will impact the drink industry. Finally, coca-cola company could acquire a greater market portion and trade name impact. 2. Cooperation with McDonald ‘s. As the universe ‘s largest food-service company, McDonald ‘s has a broad selling channel. If they cooperate with each other, they could acquire common benefits. 3. Autimatic dispensers. It is convenient to purchase a bottle of coke after utilizing this machine, and we could happen it wherever we could image. These three types enormously influence coca-cola ‘s distribution.


The former president, Robert Woodruff of coca-cola has a celebrated quotation mark: “ 99.6 % of Coca-Cola is a fold of carbonated, sirup and H2O. If you do non publicize, so who else will travel to imbibe it? ” so trade name publicity is an of import manner of determining the corporate image. The publicity disbursals of coca-cola company are high to determine its trade name image. For illustration it costs more than 600 million dollars in advertisement one twelvemonth.

It is the premiss of success of advertisement to find mark audience. Coca-cola chiefly fixes on the immature, because if it establishes a good image among the immature people, it will be a long-run consumer market. And advertisement ever takes topographic point through a figure of media. Coca-cola chiefly adopts three types of media to pass on with its consumers: foremost, publicizing on Television & A ; film. It is the most direct and efficient manner, because its voice, action, images could give us a deep feeling ; 2nd, publicizing on imperativeness. It is a comparatively inexpensive but broad manner, lending to distribute its trade name ; 3rd, advertisement by patronizing. It is an old tradition of coca-cola to patronize athletics event, particularly collaborating with Olympics. Olympics give people a healthy and active feeling, and so it is a good opportunity to broaden its trade name by utilizing the Olympics ‘ planetary influence and popularity.


Any strong trade name has rivals, because any trade name has its defects, so which its rivals ever know good approximately, so they will acquire your clients if there is some small opportunity they could hold on. And coca-cola ‘s chief rival is Pepsi.


To sum up, this paper has argued that the grounds that coca-cola has such a powerful trade name. Coca-cola ‘s trade name scheme is successful, and it gives us multiplex inspirations: foremost, the trade name name and logo are coca-cola ‘s civilization foundation. Without this foundation, it may non make such a immense trade name value by lone advertisement. Second, the trade name image needs to be spread by a perfect selling scheme. Successful applications of 4Ps in coca-cola brand people understand its trade name, be familiar with it, even accept its trade name civilization. Finally, we could happen this consequence through the comparing between two rivals: it will be a strong power when we put our entire energy into our merchandise invention. Coca-cola creates a trade name miracle. The success of coca-cola trade name is the consequence of mix of trade name scheme instead than depending on inordinate advertisement investing.


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