Greenhouse Effect And Its Implication On Global Warming Environmental Sciences Essay

August 17, 2017 Environmental Sciences

Greenhouse consequence refers to an atmospheric procedure by which short wavelenghts of the seeable visible radiation from the Sun base on balls through the ambiance where they are absorbed or trapped. However, portion of visible radiation emitted from the Sun in signifier of longwave is re-radiated from heated obects on the Earth ‘s surface in to the ambiance. Presence of nursery gases in the ambiance does non let the radiations to go through through. The nursery gas moelecules are more complex than any air molecule and their construction has high heat soaking up capacity. The heat radiated back to the Earth ‘s surface to modulate its temperature ( Davis, 9 ) .

Harmonizing to Parsons ( 23 ) , this procedure is indispensable in order to back up life. if this does non happen, the temperatues on the Earth surcface would be below frezing point and works or carnal life would be supported. nevertheless, human activtities in the past centuries have increased the concentration of nursery gases in the ambiance which inturn have increased the mean temperature on the Earth ‘s surface.

Greenhouse gases include H2O vapour, caborndixoide, azotic oxide and methane. Acording to a study released by IPCC in 2007, there was a important addition in production of nursery gases between the 19th and twentieth century ( Davis, 11 ) .

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Fig. 1 demoing addition in nursery gases

Harmonizing to the diagram, radiative forcing of the several gases depends with their concentration in the ambiance.

Causes of nursery Gass and their impact

Addition in population has led to increased transit and fabrication. This implies rise in the burning of fossil fuels including oil, gas and coal. Combustion of fossil fuels leads to emanation of, among others, C dioxide into the ambiance and this history for over 80 % of the Carbon dioxide emanation ( Alastair, 77 ) . Parsons ( 25 ) notes that the gases produced are more stable that stay really long in the ambiance. Deforestation is a human activity which involves cutting down of trees. Major causes of deforestation include human colony and wood for industrial usage. It is of import to observe that trees and other vegetive screen play an of import function in atmospheric reconciliation procedure by devouring C dioxide from the ambiance. Reduced soaking up of C dioxide leads to its accretion in the ambiance.

Electrical contraptions and chemicals are besides beginnings of nursery gases. Refrigerators, fire asphyxiators chemicals, aerosols and some industrial bundles are major beginnings of CFCs ( CFCs ) . This chemical compound is besides really strong and can remain in the ambiance for a really long period of clip. Chlorofluorocarbons are apparently environmentally safe, non-toxic and stable chemical compounds at lower atmospheric degrees. However, their stableness allows them to go up to the stratosphere where they end up being broken down by Ultraviolet visible radiation to Chlorine and Bromine. These two compounds deplete ozone bed. Depletion of the ozone bed exposes harmful UV radiations to human teguments doing tans, tegument malignant neoplastic disease, premature tegument aging and oculus complications ( Parsons, 45 ) .

Harmonizing to ( Davis, 13 ) , methane is besides a really unsafe nursery gas and which ranks 2nd after C dioxide. Methane is usually emitted into the ambiance as a consequence of agricultural patterns. During digestion, herbivores animate beings let go of methane from their bowels and hence, increased farm animal agriculture has increased emanation of methane into the air. Breakdown of organic affair by bacteriums under O starved environments like those in rice Paddies leads to emanation of methane in to the ambiance. Some ice found in the Arctic seabed contains methane compounds and hence, increased atmospheric temperature leads to emanation of Methane. Some chemical fertilisers besides contribute to accretion of nursery gases and subsequent planetary heating consequence. High N content in fertilisers additions soil capacity to pin down heat and therefore besides contributes to lift in surface temperature. Leaching of extra fertilisers into H2O organic structures create “ dead zones ” ( Davis, 17 ) .

The rise in atmospheric temperature as a consequence of nursery consequence melts glass cutters taking to runoffs into seas. The sea H2O besides warm and thermally expands, raising the surface degree of H2O. Harmonizing to Parsons ( 51 ) , this rise in sea degree has been responsible for supplanting of over 600 million people populating in low prevarication parts. This has besides been the cause of lifting frequence of ocean tides and slayer storms including tsunami and hurricanes which over clip, have killed and or displaced 1000000s of people. Alastair ( 92 ) notes that the hereafter is riskier since the sea degree is lifting at about 30cm in a twelvemonth on norm.

Increased atmospheric temperature increases the rate of H2O vaporization. Though evaporated H2O condenses to organize rain clouds, such rains may be unevenly distributed doing dry conditions conditions in some parts ( Alastair, 93 ) . Vaporization in dry countries via medias works life since their endurance depends on H2O. This in bend comprises nutrient production. Increased degrees of C dioxide in the ambiance as a consequence of hapless vegetive screen may besides subject human life to wellness jeopardies.

Solutions to Greenhouse Effect

The job of nursery consequence can non be solved wholly ; nevertheless, application of bing methods can assist cut down the degree of nurseries gases accretion and emanation in the ambiance. One best manner to cut down accretion of C dioxide is to works more trees or vegetive screen. In the procedure of photosynthesis, trees consume C dioxide and in the procedure, cut down its degree in the ambiance ( Davis, 57 ) . There is besides need to implement C footmark policies and charge states respective of their net impact on the environment. Although it is disputing to mensurate the injury caused by each state, C footmark encourage C offsetting and environmental consciousness ( Alastair, 102 ) .

Carbon storage is besides another really efficient solution to greenhouse consequence. In a procedure called Carbon Capture and Sequestration ( CCS ) , C is diverted from the point of emanation such as coal-burning power works exhaust stack to an belowground geological formation. For illustration: depleted gas and oil field, saline aquifer and un-minable seam among others. Harmonizing to Jacobson ( 287 ) , geological formation may hive away up to 2000 Gigatonnes of C dioxide as compared to average of 30 Gigatonnes produced in a twelvemonth. Another possible manner could be act uponing the demand-side energy preservation among consumers. This will take at cut downing emanation of C dioxide into the ambiance. Schemes here may include utilizing fuel efficient autos or public agencies alternatively of driving, replacing dodo fuel devouring workss with green energy consuming workss and planing constructions that use solar energy ( Jacobson, 289 ) .

Most developing states do non see nursery consequence as a major job and despite holding fewer industries ; they have contributed significantly in the production of nursery gases. Therefore, it is of import for developed states to advance nursery consequence consciousness in these states. There is besides need to fund research and development to happen alternate and more efficient signifiers of energy in the universe ( Davis, 63 ) .


Greenhouse consequence is a challenge to the universe that has non yet found a solution. Human activity, though justified by demand, has been the cardinal cause of the increased degrees of nursery gases. The impacts of nursery effects are long-run and terrible for future coevalss. Use of green energy, demand side energy preservation, C capturing and afforestation are some of the common ways through which emanation of nursery gases can be reduced. Though non perfect solutions, they can assist cut down the accretion of nursery gases in the ambiance.


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