Impact of postgraduate study on a students life

The experience of a scholar is a really important factor in measuring the criterion of advanced establishments of higher acquisition, which is non limited to the bow walls of the talk suites but to the pupil general unrecorded experience ( Harvey et al. , 1992 ) . This exercising is put in topographic point to heighten the experience of pupils so as to prolong the benefit and fight of pupil consumption in assorted establishment of higher acquisition ( Chris, 2008 ) .

Harmonizing to ( Polit and Hungler, 1993 ) they claimed that qualitative research focal point on the fact that larning from people ‘s old experiences needed proper attending by giving the people involved the opportunity to show their egos the manner they choose. Therefore, the understanding scenery of qualitative research and the overall purpose of this research subject tailored the informations aggregation towards the usage of a phenomenological attack, which acknowledges the probe of human behavior by a fellow human-being who recognizes the holistic perceptual experience about life and the significance of personality in connexion with prejudice ( Chinn, 1985 ) .

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This survey involves an single experience as a postgraduate pupil.


This survey, which was carried out as portion of NUR 816 faculty assignment was intended to

To research a fellow pupil ‘s experience while set abouting a graduate student survey.

To analyze the sort of job faced by a postgraduate pupil.

To set up whether postgraduate pupil bask their surveies all through the semesters without any job from place or work topographic point for those working.

To enable me to cognize whether they were able to get some rational accomplishments through their programme.

Research Questions/Objective:

To research a fellow pupil ‘s experience while set abouting a graduate student survey, in footings of the challenges of such survey.

To find the impact of a graduate student survey on a pupil daily life.

The methodological analysis for the probe was based on the purposes and aim laid down. The research inquiries shall be tackled by using the aid of the phenomenology methodological attack. This method is chosen over the other two that is the descriptive anthropology and grounded theory, because the research subject is based on the sensitivity and account of the universe assumed by an person through a true contemplation on the veracity of their life history ( Racher, 2003 ) . This point was supported by ( Shepard et al. , 1993 ) when they accepted that the inflexion environing this point of position is based on the exclusivity of each single mentality towards a certain societal circumstance. In this paradigm the research worker will do observation and enterprise to do right reading of what she observes ( Jones and Borbasi, 2003 ) . Making usage of the phenomenological attack made it possible for the single pupil to depict a lived experience of accomplishing cognition as a graduate student pupil which is besides linked to her daily life. Moustakas ( 1994 ) besides stated that to accomplish an first-class justification of the research inquiries, it is really important to extort the necessary characteristics of an single experience and the existent significance of the experience through a concrete narration, which is really cardinal in developing and analyzing the collected information. Grounded theory as declared by ( Flick, 2002 ) is besides a really of import method of roll uping qualitative informations because it gave penchant to the informations against theoretical hypothesis which bring about new thoughts and construct, but it can non be used to warrant a individual piece of interview. This theory can merely be realistic when working with larger sample size which could bring on new theory find, but it is non possible in this type of research that involve merely one topic.



The research was conducted with a fellow pupil from within the NUR 816 faculty category at the University of Ulster Jordanstown campus. An mandate for the survey was sourced from the commission in charge of research surveies that involve human topic at the University of Ulster, and the information was put together by utilizing a qualitative method of informations aggregation.

Data Collection Process

Design- Ethical and research administration

Ethical motives is enormously a critical issue in this modern-day civilisation and there is much fond regard associated to back uping and protecting the vulnerable citizens. So it is of paramount of import to keep trust and present our purposes in a really sincere ambiance.

In order to execute a research survey it is extremely recommended that the research proposal pass through a scrutiny panel that determine whether the survey is ideal to be carried out or non on human topic, and besides to show how the interviewee will be protected during the cause of the undertaking. In order to enjoin first-class research usage, an informed consent sheet that highlight how the survey will be done, the research workers background, the significance of the survey and its likely hazard to the people that will take portion in it must be completed by each of the participant that will be included in the survey. This was demonstrated by ( Rubin and Rubin 2005, pp.104-106 ) as a welcomed thought to carry on research by adhering to research moralss. The research worker must emphasize that take parting in the survey is voluntary and that the participant is free to retreat at any phase of the survey if they are non comfy. The research worker must guarantee grade of confidentiality and liberty and be willing to portion the consequence with the people involved in the survey. I have decided that this survey will follow these ethical stairss to guarantee carry throughing the normal etiquette of research moralss and administration.

Sampling procedure

For the intent of this survey I have chosen the participant through the usage of a purposive sampling technique. The standard for choice of the sample was based on those pupils that are analyzing at postgraduate degree at the Jordanstown campus of the University of Ulster by excepting the undergraduate pupil population since the establishment is a mixture of both degrees. Bearing in head that there are four campuses of this University, the sample will be taken from those pupil set abouting a graduate student survey at the University at this peculiar clip.Therefore the topic will be drawn out of a mark population of NUR 816 faculty category of postgraduate pupil who are presently making either wellness publicity or Nursing. A fellow pupil will be approached and her consent to take part will be established.

Data Collection Method


I contacted my fellow pupil that agreed to ease the research by naming her on phone. The follow-up participant information sheet, and consent signifier was given to her in category. A hebdomad was allowed to go through from the twenty-four hours of the telephone call until the clip we agreed for the interview to take topographic point. This gave the participant adequate clip to read and discourse the information with friends if she desired. A concluding consent was undertaken instantly anterior to interview. The participant was offered the school country that is the promenade or talk theater for the interview to take topographic point. Prior to the interview, that subsequently took topographic point inside a little talk room, the intent of the survey was discussed, which served to quiet down the interviewee and the research worker. An unstructured interview usher was made usage of ( see Appendix ) , although inquiries were asked in different format so as to pull out all likely positions from the participant, and there was adequate clip allotted for some treatment after the interview.

The site of the interview was one of the little suites where pupil receive talk at the Jordanstown campus of the University of Ulster. The room is a non-smoking one which is about 5m by 4m in size. There were adequate chairs to sit but we merely require the usage of two chairs that was arranged to confront each other for easy interaction between the participant and the research worker. The temperature of the room was about 19 grade Celsius which made the room conducive for habitation. Some bites like bars and shortbread was provided and set at one corner of the room with tea, java and bottle of H2O to travel with it. A little flower vase with a colorful flower was besides placed at another corner of the room with the tape recording equipment to enter the duologue. The visible radiation of the room was switch on to guarantee proper visibleness and the window was remained closed which guaranteed a warm environment throughout the interview. This made the environing conducive for the fact that it took topographic point during the winter. The flower was included to fancify the environment and do it homely, while tea and java with the bars and shortbread was provided to increase the relationship of the interviewer and interviewee and besides make the participant feel at place and comfy throughout the class of the interview. The interview which started around 3.00 autopsy lasted for approximately 20 proceedingss and the manner was in a restful manner.

The information was collected by utilizing an audio-recorder to heighten the truth of the manus written note. The audio-taped treatment was subsequently transcribed precisely the manner it was recorded ( Streubert and Carpenter, 1995 ) . The organic structure linguistic communication of the interviewee was besides noted in a jotter, which will heighten the truth, importance and apprehension of the transcript.

A pilot survey was facilitated by a friend from outside the school and I gathered from it that some inquiries needed to be added to the already written usher set aside for the chief interview. I besides got familiar with the manner to interact with the participant and the manner to present inquiries to her, since it was an unstructured interview. I developed assurance from the exposure I got from the pilot survey. This assisted me throughout the aggregation of the informations in the chief survey.

Datas Analysis

The analysis of the information started at the minute the one on one interview began. The organic structure linguistic communication of the participant was noted throughout the conversation and the treatment was tape recorded. The aggregation of the information needed went on until the clip that no new thoughts were emerging. The interview was subsequently transcribed and thorough appraisal was made to pull out subjects that reflect participant penetration towards a graduate student survey. This thought was supported by ( Rubin and Rubin, 2005 p.207 ) in which they declared that there is demand to pull out thought that are appropriate for the survey in inquiry. The motivation of designation is of import during the class of analyzing the information collected in order to set up theory. The information was analysed utilizing the lineation that is made specifically for informations gathered utilizing the phenomenological method of informations aggregation that is the ( Colaizzi ‘s, 1978 ) seven phase procedure for information analyses. The recorded interview was played and replayed for proper certification of the transcript. A transcript of the canned interview was set aside for security grounds to avoid any on foreseen circumstance. The initial informations assemblage was realised by underscoring the participant of import statements. This enabled informations captivation and, it besides assisted the research worker to see a general thought of the participant input to each of the bunch. After some careful examination of the transcript the research worker was able to pull out of import subjects and construct that was meaningful and which most particularly answered the research inquiry, by infering the penetration and attitude of pupil toward the graduate student survey experience. Important messages were drawn out of the transcript, which was subsequently assembled into groups of subjects and sub-categories that I think best explained the exact significance of the interview informations. One that focused on aspiration in life includes seting in a batch of attempt to make the extremum of her educational calling, and being privilege to larn more accomplishments as a alumnus pupil. Besides the following class that is challenges in life comprises of her support quandary in footings of tuition and adjustment fee, deadline for entry of assignment, fright of reproducing an writer verbatim, and chance gotten from deriving admittance into the higher establishment of larning. Another class that involves clip direction was besides discovered, which include the parttime occupation she indulge in, her personal reading clip, course-work direction, the demanding work load and her free clip direction. Furthermore, the lectors attitude besides form a class on its ain, while the class on library usage involve utilizing the computing machine word processor for typewriting of assignment, rectification of assignment, entree to the cyberspace, and photocopying of stuffs beginning from the net. Finally the last class focused on the positive and negative feelings. These encompasses the survey stuffs that are first-class, a blend of theory and practical in most of the classs that are of high criterion, while the negative feeling that was experienced is that the alumnus school was boring, really expensive and clip devouring. Reasonable significances were gathered from the subject and were arranged into one grid to compare their association with the whole significance. This classification gave room for extra development by utilizing the axial cryptography for such phrases and statements.


In order to keep a telling reading of this type of interview some sub-categories were developed. All these sub-categories emerged from the participant descriptions, irrespective of the length of the interview. These are aspiration in life, challenges of being a graduate student pupil, clip direction, positive and negative feelings, lectors ‘ attitudes, library usage and the cyberspace engineering usage. Each of these classs will be explored and deductions for development will be discussed.

Aspiration in Life: The pupil emphasized that the graduate student programme was an chance for her to rich greater tallness. “ My end in life is to draw a bead on to make the extremum in my educational calling ”

Challenges of being a postgraduate pupil: Being admitted for the graduate student programme was the first challenge the pupil faced, followed by funding the programme, cost of adjustment in school, run intoing the class work deadline for entry, and the menace of non recognizing decently the paper sourced for assignment.

“ The adjustment I got was rather expensive in school ” .

“ Geting admitted gave me a challenge ”

“ I mean the support of the P.G surveies was non excessively easy ” .

“ I was so witting of the mentions quoted but am still afraid that I did non transcript ” .

“ Rush through the coursework assignment, so as to run into the deadline for entry ” .

Time direction: The pupil usage most of the clip in the school country for go toing talks, making class work, and personal reading while the free talk yearss is used for parttime occupation.

“ I realised that I need to make a batch of personal reading “

“ My faculty clip besides gave me a good chance to prosecute in a portion clip work in a shop ” .

Lectors Attitudes: it was gathered from the pupil experience that the lectors were open-minded and they help in work outing pupil academic problems. “ The lectors have ever been really helpful and accessible and unfastened to suggestions and unfavorable judgment ” .

Library usage: School Library was reportedly used to accomplish a batch of work through class work administration and easy cyberspace entree, run offing the assignment and printing relevant papers. It was so a good resource.

“ I did non hold a resource to acquire a lap-top so I spend most of my clip in the school library ( LRC ) ” .

Internet Technology Use: The participant stated that she made usage of the computing machine resource a batch in school which was provided through some of the several library installations. She claimed that the cyberspace resource is really utile to her because it enables her to look into the on-line stuffs provided by the lectors of each faculty and to reach fellow pupil and friends through the e-mail resource provided for every pupil and from her personal e-mail history.

“ Most of our classs had online resource which could merely be accessed through the Webct from the school portal ” .

“ All pupils were besides communicated through the pupil e-mail references ” .

Positive and negative feeling: There was a fiscal influence on her household which was really difficult to get by with, but she agreed that a batch of accomplishments and experience were acquired from the graduate student survey from the lectors and fellow pupil.

“ The good academic staff and high criterion of instruction and acquisition, appropriate class content and construction, good quality survey stuffs, entree to and handiness of appropriate resources ” .

“ It was clip consuming and boring every bit good as really expensive on my household pocket ” .

The information was managed by utilizing the Microsoft word processor 2007 bundle. I was able to explicate two transcripts which involve the 1 that contained the full transcribed interview and the other that included merely the analysed transcript that has been categorised into subjects. The classs were written in italics by the aid of the computing machine word processor bundle and underlined.

It can be deduced from the collected informations that the classification procedure made it easier to accomplish good apprehension of the information gathered from the interview.


The assignment fundamentally focused on the challenges, personal feelings and beliefs pupils have refering a postgraduate instruction experience. This survey is aimed at deduces the challenges upon the survey and the influence it had on the pupil day-to-day life, seting into consideration the intrinsic and the extrinsic motive developed along the line by the pupil. Some other conducive factors like some personalities that are psychological in footings of freewill and ego subject harmonizing to ( Deci and Ryan, 1996 ) makes people belief that their accomplishment in life is fundamentally meant for them. In graduate student survey experience one is expected to be every bit independent as possible because the pupil is provided with the class content from the beginning of the semester in which they are expected to analyze in front of category. There were some troubles encountered but on the whole the information collected shows that there was satisfaction achieved from the great experience of the topic. The information for the survey was put together utilizing an adept attack, where all the organic structure linguistic communication of the interviewee during the interview and the interview was recorded utilizing a tape recording equipment while the environment where the interview took topographic point was rather contributing for both the participant and research worker. My transcript was decently documented and analysed right and the unstructured interview method gave me the chance to foster query some of the respondent replies to certain inquiry. It was obvious that an interview prejudice might hold occurred that could hold affected the findings, because the individual interviewed is one of my co-workers that we are into the graduate student survey together. The inquiries that were posed to the participant were equal and appropriate. It was deduced in entirety that aside from all the challenges faced by the topic the experience of being a graduate student pupil was a enormous 1. My personal cognition on the station alumnus survey experience might perchance hold a great influence my consequence, and this could annul the findings. It was encouraged by Slevin and Sines ( 2000 ) that an experient research worker demand to cross-check the analyzed informations done by one individual so has to guarantee the cogency, but this resource was non available to me due to the nature of the assignment.


The research aimed at infer a positive or negative sentiment from the postgraduate experience of the pupil sampled, but pulling decision from merely one transcript will non give a true significance to the generalization of what persons come across during taking this measure in life.



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