Looking At Death Of A Salesman Willy Loman English Literature Essay

May 11, 2018 English Literature

My ideas on Willy Loman will likely be that he is a suffering adult male who is seeking to destroy other people lives. He is this brainsick cat who tried to perpetrate suicide several times. As I was reading the narrative, I found out that he did n’t remain the same. Willy Loman was so a salesman and that is how he makes his money. On the other manus, Biff Loman is wholly a different type of character. He notices the phantasies in which his male parent Willy and his brother Happy are populating. For illustration, Happy is one of those cats that enjoy to acquire around with adult females. While his male parent Willy merely cares about his ain life. But as the narrative progressed, my outlook of Biff is that he is seeking to happen the truth of how to populate the rights manner non blow it because that is non the American Dream. What I like about each character is that they all had a different personality and the manner of how a typical household Acts of the Apostless here in the U.S. Although, what I did n’t like of the characters is that most of them had flashback during the narrative. The ground that I do n’t wish this is because is difficult for me to believe if they are speaking about the present or the past. Therefore, this is what I thought

A quotation mark from act one that stands out for me will be “ when I was 17 I walked into the jungle, and when I was 21 I walked out. And by God I was rich. ” The ground that I say this quotation mark stands out for me is because when I am done with high school, I am traveling to head into college. And after I get out from college, it will be a great achievement into acquiring a occupation and gain some money. Although this is a quotation mark from the narrative, it does demo up in the narrative several times. Such as the clip when he went inside the diamond mine, so he spend clip working in at that place, after working so much in the mine he became rich and no 1 could halt him from gaining money. On the other manus, a quotation mark that shows up on act two is “ you ca n’t eat the orange and throw the Peel off — a adult male is non a piece of fruit. ” The ground I think this quotation mark stands out for me such in the instance where most Latino people come to the U.S to be better. But so people hire them to work and everyone knows that you have to handle people reasonably but after old ages of work has pass they throw off their employees like if it was orangish Peel. Although this quotation mark is relevant in the narrative because when the diamond mine is discovered most character forget that they have a household and they treat them like regular people, like if no 1 know each other.

Ben and Charley are different from Willy because both of them are affluent. Charley is Willy ‘s friend and Charley is the 1 that gives money to Willy so he could pay the measures and purchase other material as good. On the other manus, Ben is Willy older brother and he is besides rich, but unhappily he died and at the terminal he left the luck to Willy and some of his relations. What conveying success to them is that they are both salesman. Therefore, this is the difference between Charley and Ben vs. Willy.

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The full Loman household is in a position of exigency during the full narrative. Every household has their single job and effort to work out them in different ways. The two persons that have the most jobs are Willy and Linda. Linda and Willy were both confused of what to make in life. They were those types of characters that tried to vanish as the narrative kept traveling. Linda undergoes a awful nuptials and was incognizant to stuff happening around her. She was attentive of her hubby ‘s despairing inclinations of perpetrating self-destruction. She merely paid attending to him and she so started to acquire control by her partner. On the other manus Willy was really critical with his events and created pandemonium with the characters of the narrative. He was a salesman, although his pique and figure was really important to him. He cheated on his partner and suffers a batch which cause him to drop his wisdom of bing and alternate to perpetrate self-destruction. They both used up their petty lives believing on their duty and neglecting more than seeking to work out their struggles. On the other manus, my household is really different than the Loman household. The most common jobs that both households have are money job. The ground I say this is because when you are an grownup you own your ain topographic point to populate, but the job in there is that you have to pay the measures such as Willy. So in order to pay the measures you have to travel out and work so you could gain money. On the other manus we are different than the Loman household because one of the things is that my pa has ne’er cheated on my ma before. Therefore, this were the similarities between the Loman household and mines.

A character from the narrative that reminds me of person I know will likely be Willy Loman. I think this character could make full the topographic point of my uncle. The ground I say this is because when he came to the U.S he thought that everything will be easy, he enjoy his life, etc. but after clip base on balls he noticed that he was get downing to lose money and turns out that the authorities started assisting him, for illustration like Charley assisting Willy. My uncle suffer a batch and did n’t cognize what to make so he though weir things in his caput, but fortunately they offer him a occupation and he started working. Now my uncle is n’t enduring, now my uncle is doing money and he is salvaging it now. Therefore, this is why I relate my uncle to Willy.

I will see myself to Willy because when I foremost came to the U.S I did n’t cognize any English. I felt bad of non cognizing the linguistic communication and in my caput I thought of making bad things to the people that made merriment of my speaking. Overall, that ne’er go on because I found a nice friend who taught me the linguistic communication and eventually I know how to speak in English. Therefore, this is why I will besides compare my life to Willy Loman lives.

Three subjects that are shown in the narrative are the American dream, forsaking, treachery. The first subject that I say is the American dream because Willy Loman is ever believing that he will acquire everything in the U.S by merely inquiring. For illustration, he thinks he could acquire a occupation really easy, own a house, etc. But unhappily that did n’t go on and Willy started working because they offer him a occupation. The following subject will be approximately abandonment because when Willy was immature his male parent left him and his brother besides. They did n’t go forth anything for Willy so so he goes to Alaska and works at that place for a twosome of old ages to happen hints. Last, the 3rd subject is about treachery because in the narrative Linda is acquiring cheated by her hubby and does n’t cognize what to make. Therefore, these were the three subjects that were shown about in the narrative.

Well I think the narrative is about Willy Loman because in the narrative the rubric of the book is called “ Death of a Salesman ” and Willy Loman is a salesman. Besides because in the narrative it talks about the American dream and Willy is the 1 that wants the American dream to go on. For illustration, he thought that everything will be easier in the U.S such as he would acquire a occupation so fast, have his ain house, etc. Therefore, this is why I consider being the narrative about Willy Loman.

Well Willy did ache Biff a batch because when Biff was turning up he was on the football squad in high school and many other people offer him scholarships. Sadly, he was neglecting math and did n’t have much credits in order to graduate from high school. Biffs got disquieted and halt seeking in his life and he moved west. Now Biff is like his male parent without a occupation. Therefore, Willy was a awful male parent because he did n’t promote him to analyze and graduate from high school and now he is a looser like his male parent.

Well one of the job in Biff life is that he ne’er graduated from high school. A parent duty will be when Biff was turning up and Willy should hold helped him more alternatively of him blowing his life. On the other manus the kid ‘s duty is when Biff should hold listened to his male parent such as encourage him to analyze more and non playing a batch of football. Although, both character made a error and they both did n’t care in order to repair the job. Therefore, these where the portion in which both characters should hold acted.

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