Nineteen Minutes

September 13, 2017 General Studies

“Something still exists as long as there’s someone around to remember it. ” Jodi Picoult, page 153. I read the book Nineteen Minutes, the quote I used above relates to many things that have happened in my life. These things haven’t only happened once in my life. I chose this because it would be the best quote relating to my life. Many of my friends, and family members have died in the past, seeing their brothers, sisters, or parents make me remember it the most. Yes, its very sad but these things happen in life. The first time one of my friends died was horrible.

I will never forget that day because I think it was my fault. All my friends and were walking to a rope swing about two years ago, and of course there were railroad tracks. We were all messing around and a train was coming while we were walking on the tracks, I decided it would be a good idea to go to the sides so we all ran to the sides except for Ashley. Ashley fell and we all thought she was joking around and would get up right before the train was close except she was literally stuck in the tracks and of course we were to far to go back and get her.

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It was my idea to run because I thought she was kidding. Now if I really knew she was stuck I would of went back for her. So whenever the same group of friends goes with me to the rope swing, we all stop and sit for a few minutes in silence. Ashley still exists in my heart and still is when I’m with those friends. Another person that still exists is my great grandmother. She was an independent, wonderful person. I could tell her everything and she would be by my side know matter what the situation would be. She died of old age and I miss her so much.

I still drive past her house all the time with my mom, and we talk about the times my mom and had I with her. I feel when we drive by and go through her house like she is still there with us. The best way to remember a loved one that is now gone, is by going to their grave with a family member or friend that you would be able to lean on. I go to my friend Kyle’s grave a lot. I’ve known Kyle since we were both babies. I grew up working with him at my dad’s shop, and hung out with him many times when I used to live in Upper Darby.

When I go to work now with my dad on the weekends, we will go to his rave and lay a little something down for him. I would have never of thought I’d lose the best friend a person could ever have. The quote “Something still exists as long as there’s someone around to remember it,” relates to so many deaths that have happened in my life. I still feel like a family member or friend is still there with me when I’m talking to someone about them whether or not they people knew who I was talking about.


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