1.02 Excursiones – Miami

September 15, 2017 Sports

1. 02 Excursiones – Miami| Part I (6 points) Choose ONE of the links from the first page of this lesson. Then answer the following questions in complete English sentences: A. Cuban food 1. What are some of the typical Cuban foods? Some typical Cuban food s are tostadas and cafe con leche, empanadas, cuban sandwiches, pan con bistec, croquetas, and pastelitos 2. Compare and contrast their cuisine to what you generally eat. I usually drink regular coffee whereas Cubans have cafe con leche. Also, Cubans use vegetables such as yuca, malanga, and boniato, while I eat corn and potatoes.

They usually have a meat, chicken or fish dinner which is usually what I eat as well. Also, I eat croquetas and empanadas sometimes. 3. What Cuban food have you tried before? Did you like it? If you have not tried any, what do you think you’d like and why? I have had croqueta’s, yucca, pan con bistec, empanadas, media noches, flan and pastelitos and I liked all of them. Cuban food is delicious. B. Cuban pastime 1. What is the favorite Cuban pastime mentioned in this link? What other game is played? The favorite Cuban pastime is dominoes.

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They also play chess. 2. Where is Domino Park located? Domino Park is located in Little Havana 3. What games do you and your friends typically play? I usually play Pictionary, Monopoly, or video games like Call of Duty: Black Ops. C. Jai-alai (a sport that originated in Spain) 1. What is jai-alai? To which sports is it similar? Jai-alai is a sport which is similar to lacrosse. 2. In what part of Spain did jai-alai originate? What did the players use for courts? Jai-alai originated in the Basque country of Northern Spain.

Players used church walls as their courts. 3. Have you ever seen it played? Does this sport interest you? Why or why not? No I have never seen it played, but it would probably interest me because I like lacrosse and it sounds interesting. D. Freedom Tower 1. What is the Freedom Tower? Why can it be compared to Ellis Island? It is a tower where many immigrant had there naturalization papers signed. It can be compared to Ellis Island because it is a place that stands for the American Dream and for freedom. 2. What does freedom mean to you?

To me, freedom means to be able to express yourself without limitations. You are free when you have the ability to open your mind up to all of life’s wonders. Part II (14 points) After viewing the translator presentation, include your answers to these questions for your 1. 02 assignment. A translator can be online or someone you know who is a native speaker. 1. What are some of the reasons a translator should not be used? A translator should not be used because the translator does not include grammar and it can confuse the word with another meaning.

Also, the context of the word may be different than the translator gives. 2. Why would using an online translator or native speaker be considered cheating? It would be considered cheating because it is the easy way out and it figures out your work for you. 3. When does working with someone on an assignment or getting help affect the integrity of your work? It affects the integrity of your work when you are doing absolutely nothing and are putting someone else hard work under your name; it doesn’t belong to you anymore.


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