History Of The Dutch Heritage History Essay

I come from Dutch heritage, which can be traced back to the Netherlands. The Netherlands is a sub-culture of the land of the Netherlands and follow the same cultural traits. The Netherlands capitol is Amsterdam. The Netherlands is located in Western Europe between Belgium and Germany surrounding the North Sea. The authorities in the Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy.

My Dutch ascendants immigrated to the United States in the 2000 ‘s ; After the Second World War the Netherlands was the most dumbly populated state in the universe, and is still really over populated, so the authorities encouraged people to travel to the United States. The Dutch are go forthing their state because it is really over populated

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“ The Netherlands is located between Belgium and Germany and is a small under twice the size of New Jersey. The capitol is Amsterdam. The Netherlands has a clime of cool summers and mild winters, with a population of about 16,783,092 people. The Netherlands has two functionary linguistic communications Dutch, and Frisian ” ( The World Fact Book ) . Most of the Netherlands lift is below sea degree. “ The Netherlands has a queen, Queen Beatrix. ” ( Europe )

The hunting and assemblage subsistence scheme used in the Netherlands would be the fishing that takes topographic point in the Netherlands they gather the fish with large cyberspaces. National Encyclopedia says “ The entire gimmick in 2000 was 495,804 dozenss, dwelling chiefly of mackerel, mussels, pilchards, herring, plaice, and whiting. Shrimp, oysters, sole, and other seawater fish were besides caught ” ( Netherlands Fishing ) . All of these fish and sea animals would be gathered utilizing cyberspaces. Besides the sum of people who participate in the fishing industry can be summed up by the sum of ships out fishing. “ There are about 500 fishing vass in the Dutch fishing fleet. The location of the fishing industry is largely located in the ports of Scheveningen and Ijmuiden. ” ( Netherlands Fishing ) The engineering used in the huntsman gatherer manners of fishing would be, cyberspaces, GPS systems to tag where the fish are, wirelesss to pass on with each other, boats to angle on, knives to clean the fish and sea animals one time you gather them. The division of labour for the fishing would be based on education/knowledge ; the captains have navigated the Waterss all their life holding an extended cognition where the fish are, their behavioural spiels, and many other things including the clip of twelvemonth the fish are active. Then you have the deck custodies who do the labour, normally lower educated people, who do the oink work on the boat of ballad and picking up the cyberspaces and screening the fish. There is besides the mechanics who are trained on the ship in engine work so if the boat interruptions down piece is out at sea.

The following subsistence used in the Netherlands is Horticulture Holland ( another name for the Netherlands ) is celebrated for their tulips, which are all manus grown ; some other manus grown workss are fresh fruits and veggies such as tomatoes, murphies, strawberries, are really common in gardens in the Netherlands. Most people have gardens with fresh fruits in them ; this is where the gardening comes into drama. Gardening is different from agribusiness because you merely use manus tools, non large machinery. Tulips are the trade grade of Holland, they are grown in really big gardens, and merely use manus tools to reap them. “ Of the 1,700 assortments of tulips, approximately 80 per centum semen from Holland, which exports more than $ 700 million ‘s worth of tulips per twelvemonth. Tulip bulbs take up to five old ages to to the full organize, and require cold winters and dry summers such as Holland ‘s ” ( Science Daily ) . This shows how much gross tulips bring in for Holland and they are all adult utilizing manus tools. The engineering behind the Horticulture in the Netherlands is shovels, for delving the land to works seeds, hosieries, to H2O all the workss, fertiliser that is spread over the workss, baskets to set the fresh choice flowers or fruits/vegetables. The division of labour in gardening is gender functions. Gender roles come into drama when the work forces travel out and shovel up the land and works all of the seeds, the adult females H2O the seed and pick the workss when they are mature or full grown.

The following subsistence scheme used in the Netherlands is pastoralism ; the chief farm animal raised in Holland are dairy cattles and beef cattles. Harmonizing the National Encyclopedia “ Dutch husbandmans have some of the highest outputs of beef and milk in the universe ” ( The Netherlands-Agriculture ) . So the chief animate beings that are herded are cattles. And they are normally herded near grass lands where there is plentifulness of croping for them to make. The tools used in pastoralism consist of fencings to keep the cattles in ; barns to house the animate beings, Equus caballuss to brawl the animate beings, Canis familiariss even help with that some clip, knives to butcher the animate beings and clean the meat off of them, milking machines to milk cattles. The division of labour on these farms can be gender functions. Gender roles is a division of labour because the work forces travel out and take attention of the animate beings out in the Fieldss direct them in brand sure they are fed and have H2O, the adult females take auto of the milking and cleaning the barns and treating the meat.

There is besides tonss of agribusiness in the Netherlands, “ The chief nutrient harvests are barley, maize, murphies, sugar Beta vulgariss, and wheat. Potatos are the chief harvest by volume and in 1999 Dutch husbandmans produced 8.2 million metric dozenss of harvests ” ( The Netherlands-Agriculture ) . The engineering used in agribusiness is machinery, tractors to plough the Fieldss, irrigation channels to steer the H2O, large machines to drive through and spread out chemicals on the harvests, trucks to transport out the harvests after they have been picked, and a reaper to reap the workss. The divisions of labour are based on instruction. The chemical spreader has and extended cognition of chemicals and what is good for them. The individual who harvests the land know when the harvests are ready to be picked, this individual is besides the individual who plows the land. There is an irrigation expert that controls the irrigation and holes anything that goes incorrectly. The division of labour is fortes, based on your cognition of a certain country of agribusiness.

Harmonizing to The Encyclopedia of The Nations, “ The Netherlands biggest export is machinery and equipment ” ( The Netherlands-Foreign Trade ) this is the subsistence scheme of industrialism. The engineering used in the production of this machinery is a mill to bring forth it in, conveyer belt to travel the parts about the mill, drills and screw driver and cocks to piece the merchandises, welders, and trucks to transport out the concluding merchandise from the factor. The division of labour comes down to see with some instruction. The highest worker in the mill is some from of director, who has an instruction in fabricating the point and who has besides put in the clip at the low terminal of the power concatenation. The center is the people who have worked in the mill for a piece and are easy working their manner up with the accomplishments they have learned and developed from working. The lowest power group is the uneducated, or the people who have merely started working at that place or have limited instruction on the merchandise they are piecing.

The Netherlands like everyone else in the universe uses information, for everything, they pass on the cognition they have on any topics from farming techniques and mill processs all the manner to how to construct a fencing to pattern pastoralism. The tools for this information are books, pens, paper, pencils, computing machines to type all of the information on. There truly is no division of labour for go throughing on information ; every individual individual does it any age, any instruction, or any category.

The political system that best applies to the Netherlands is the centralised power system. The persons do give their sovereignty to the queen. The legitimacy is the queen is in power and she got that power by being born into the godly household. The authorities is a constitutional monarchy which means that the legitimacy is the household, and they got the authorization to govern for a godly power ( God ) . Their state besides has a fundamental law which helps them make the external societal control, or Torahs. Harmonizing to my research, the internalized cultural control are much like the 1s in America, they greet with a formal manus shingle. Gifts are given in the same manner wrapped nicely, but they do seek to avoid giving crisp objects or objects with points. They besides differ from Americas internalized cultural control, for illustration they refer to each other officially until invited to travel onto a first name footing. I interviewed Ed Schering, who has visited the Netherlands 5 times and even worked there for 3 months, and he told me that the people in the Netherlands do non truly follow the external societal controls put on them. He said the authorities was really broad with their Torahs ; they create the Torahs based on what the people do. He said the people get stuff stolen from their autos, really loose on drug Torahs he said he heard about a boat, where heroine nuts could travel and acquire shot up for free and the authorities functionaries do n’t care. The jurisprudence is really absent in the Netherlands with many drug issues and even harlotry is legal harmonizing to Ed.

The societal organisation was my chief focal point in my interview with Ed. He said monogamousness, married to one partner, was they manner people would acquire married in the Netherlands. They marry exogamy, he said more so today with all of the immigrants from the environing states there is a batch more interracial matrimonies in the present twenty-four hours. The bash non make arranged matrimonies, they do love lucifers, which alternatively of holding a partner already picked out for you, you fund your ain partner based on a connecting you have with them. Family is a really cardinal portion of the Netherlands societal organisation. He besides said Holland is really unfastened with cheery matrimonies work forces and adult females. Decent is traced in the Netherlands in the dual decent. Membership is traced through both the female parent and the male parents side of the household. It is a bilateral affinity where decent is traced through both sides of the household. Kinship is determined by primary connexion in the Netherlands. This means that you are related to your household through consanguineal, by blood, or by affine, by matrimony or culturally.

The economic system in the Netherlands is exchange between groups, which means that it is all dealing are to derive more for what they are giving. This is negative reciprocality which means how you can acquire the most out of the trade, this is used in mundane economic sciences in the Netherlands with all of the goods sold and purchased, besides with the foreign trade, to the environing states and even the United States. They besides do redistribution, with the revenue enhancements, Ed told me in my interview with him that the authorities gives money to the citizens to travel to college. Another illustration of redistribution is with the medical staff, more specifically, ambulances are all funded by the authorities. Redistribution is when all the money is taken in, in this instance revenue enhancements, and redistributed for the good of the greater group. The Netherlands besides has market exchange, or supply and demand. Many of the stores and shops in the Netherlands tally on the supply and demand principal of giving the people what they want. The modern-day economic system used in the Netherlands is the market exchange or capitalist economy. They have a immense market for Heineken beer, this starts with the wheat and our primary economic sector, the extraction of the resource from the land, so the wheat is grown in the Fieldss and labourers will pick the wheat and convey it into the brewery with many other ingredients. Then you have the secondary economic sector which is production where the beer is brewed in the mill and set into tins or bottles. Which brings us to our 3rd and concluding economic sector, third, or service, the beer is so loaded on the trucks and delivered to the shops and people in the country. From here the beer is brought into the capitalist market where it is sold for more so it cost to do for a net income. Capitalism is based on a excess which is generated for net income, and is based on value added exchange, where the work put in by everyone in the economic sectors is charged about the monetary value to do the merchandise bring forthing a net income. An interesting fact I found from Wikipedia is “ The Netherlands exports the largest proportion of beer of any state in the universe – about 50 % of production, harmonizing to The Brewers of Europe. In 2004, about 1,300 million liters were exported out of a entire production of 2,300 million liters ” ( Beer in the Netherlands ) .

The faith in the Netherlands is summed up with the undermentioned per centums “ Religions: Roman Catholic 30 % , Dutch Reformed 11 % , Calvinist 6 % , other Protestant 3 % , Muslim 5.8 % , other 2.2 % , none 42 % ( 2006 ) ” ( Netherlands Religions ) . These are the specific faiths but the divisions of the denominations are Christianity and Islam. The faith that autumn under the class of Christianity are Roman Catholic, Dutch Reformed, and Calvinistic church and the position behind that is monotheism, or a individual God. Islam is besides a monotheistic belief with the belief that there is merely 1 Gods, the prophesier Mohammad. Harmonizing to a canvass I saw in my research the Netherlands church attending is about 38 % . The attending has been dropping quickly in the Netherlands. The Netherlands chief faith is Christianity they have many spiritual patterns as we do in America. They celebrate the same vacations, such as Christmas and Easter. One of the rites of transition ceremonial ‘s that take topographic point in the Netherlands is baptism, which shows the 3 procedures in a babe ‘s life, the first 1 when he is assist up as a babe, the 2nd he is baptized and cleaned from his wickedness, so he is reintroduced back into the fold at the terminal of his baptismal procedure with his name and normally a life poetry chosen by his or hers parents.

Some of the things that interested me while I researched this undertaking are to hear about the absence of jurisprudence enforcement. I learned this in my interview with Ed Schering, he said that offense was really abundant in the land and nil is done. Because my major is jurisprudence enforcement this truly interested me. He told me the narrative of a celebrated writer who wrote a controversial book, and was killed in the streets at that place, and nil was of all time done about it. This astonishes me, and truly opens my eyes to the manner things are done over here in America compared to other states. Another thing I learned that sounded like a cool holiday topographic point I would wish to see and that is the islands that the Netherlands has that are ever traveling. Because of the tides in the ocean, these islands are ever switching back and 4th with the land below them traveling. Another thing I learned from the picture I used for this paper is that there are merely approximately 25 clear yearss a twelvemonth in the Netherlands, the remainder is showery or cloudy, which explains why their civilization is a batch of agribusiness and gardening. I besides learned that Amsterdam is the weed capitol of the universe, and the tolerance from the authorities for these types of drugs every bit good as heroine is really high. I learned that the national anthem for the Netherlands is based on a Rebel vocal during the Spanish war. This is interesting because the civilization is really rebellious with the external societal controls put on them, this was merely an interesting fact and it ‘s slightly humourous that this happens to be their national anthem.



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