Food Waste Produced By Mcdonalds Restaurants Environmental Sciences Essay

September 2, 2017 Environmental Sciences

McDonald ‘s is one of the largest and most good known planetary fast nutrient eating houses ( DATAMONITOR: McDonald ‘s Corporation 2009, 4 ) . Ray Kroc founded the company in the twelvemonth 1955. The company has been runing for 55 old ages and has 32000 eating houses concatenation in more than 117 states. More than 75 % of McDonald ‘s world-wide mercantile establishments are operated by franchisees or affiliates ( Our Company 2010 ) . Over the many old ages, 1000000s of people have patronage McDonald ‘s because of its trusted name with proved service. In returning that trueness, McDonald ‘s have an duty to give back to the community. McDonalds supports Ronald McDonald House Charities ( RMHC ) , carnal public assistance, nutrient safety and environment ( SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY 2010 ) . This essay analyze how McDonalds has performed in the relation to the environment peculiarly waste direction patterns.

The populace of the current age is concerned about the sum of packaging and nutrient waste produced by McDonald ‘s eating houses ( Better Packaging with McDonald ‘s 2009 ) . A study conducted by Keep Britain Tidy stated that about 29 % of the waste littered on the British streets comes from McDonald ‘s eating houses ( Gray 2009 ) . Therefore, one of the best solutions taken by McDonald ‘s is to pull off the waste through waste direction patterns, which involves decrease, reuse, recycling and disposal ( Better Packaging with McDonald ‘s, 2009 ) .

As one of the largest fast nutrient eating houses worldwide, McDonald ‘s has become an environment leader to protect the future coevals. Therefore, McDonalds is determined to analyse each facet of their concern on their impact on the environment and harmonizing to the analysis seek effectual ways to heighten the environment ( McDonald ‘s Corporation – Environmental Defense Waste Reduction Task Force 1991 ) . McDonald ‘s continues to seek other effectual ways to cut down the environment impacts of waste produce in eating house operation ( McDonald ‘s Corporation 2009 ) .

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McDonald ‘s is trusting to accomplish

McDonalds is trusting to last and remain in a clean environment where the air, H2O and the Earth are clean, every bit good as construct an environmentally sound universe for the hereafter coevals through the waste direction patterns ( McDonald ‘s Corporation – Environmental Defense Waste Reduction Task Force 1991 ) .

Past public presentation

In 1988, McDonald began new Styrofoam nutrient container recycling plan of at 20 New York City. However, the plan came under instant unfavorable judgment from conservationists. Judith Enck, a member of the province Environment Planning Lobby said that it should perfectly censor the usage of Styrofoam nutrient container, as the Styrofoam did non interrupt down for more than 400 old ages, that the production of the light weight petroleum-based packaging is wholly toxic and that firing it will make the unsafe emanation ( Goldfarb 1988 ) . Besides, the recycling of the corrugated composition board besides had carried out at unspecified upstate McDonald ‘s location ( Goldfarb 1988 ) . In twelvemonth 1990, McDonald used over 60 million dollars in buying recycle paper merchandises for the points used in the eating house ( Grindel, Snover and Hopkins 1997 ) . In twelvemonth 2002, the China Daily ( April 19, 2002 ) reported that the cooking oil of McDonalds had treated before released into Sewer system. Ultimately, McDonalds failed to make so as they sold its used oil for re-use to other eating houses. Furthermore, most of McDonald ‘s nutrient wastes were stop up in landfill. David Mottershead, caput of policy said that most of the commercial and industrial nutrient waste to landfills ( Britton 2007 ) .

Current public presentation

Presents, McDonalds has found many alternate ways to heighten the environment public presentation in term of the waste direction patterns. Because of consumers demand and heeding advocate of environmental groups about the unfriendly utilizing polystyrene to the environment ( Liddle 2010 ) . As reference by Quinn ( 2009,17 ) that McDonalds has partnered with Environmental Defense Fund ( EDF ) to replace the polystyrene froth by the utilizing paper based-wraps in order to cut down the waste volume in the waste direction procedure. McDonald ‘s major markets, approximately 83 % of the packaging containers are made of paper ( Worldwide Corporate Responsibility Report 2006 ) .

Second, McDonalds is one of the biggest bargain and usage of recycled paper in the universe. In twelvemonth 2008, McDonalds has purchased more than 583 million in recycle substance ( McDonald ‘s Corporation 2009 ) . For illustration, tray line drives, serviettes, bags sandwich containers which all are made up of recycle paper. The mean usage of recycled stuffs as a per centum of the entire stuffs in the consumer packaging used in 2008 was 31 % which addition from 30 % in 2007 ( McDonald ‘s Corporation 2009 ) .

Third, McDonalds has widely recycled the corrugated composition board and used cooking oil in waste direction patterns in the McDonalds major nine markets ( McDonald ‘s 2010 ) . McDonalds in Unite State has recycled over 17 dozenss of corrugate composition board per twelvemonth ( McDonald ‘s 2010 ) . McDonalds has an purpose of accomplishing to recycle 100 % of their corrugated composition board ( McDonald ‘s 2008 ) . McDonalds has enrolled in a new fueling plan by recycling used cookery oil, which the oil has collected from 900 eating houses in UK ( McDonald ‘s to Recycle Cooking Oil to Power its Vehicles 2007 ) .

Fourthly, proper disposal waste plans are been carried out to pull off the nutrient waste once the McDonalds can non cut down, reuse and recycle the waste ( McDonald ‘s 2008 ) . McDonald in UK late has a test tested out an alternate method of disposal, which by change overing the nutrient waste to energy ( McDonald ‘s 2010 ) . Harmonizing to DavidA Fairhurst, senior frailty president for McDonald ‘s UK & A ; Northern Europe province that change overing waste to energy is promoting that has already reduced the environmental impact in the country by 48 % and important measure on accomplishing zero waste to landfill ( Barker 2009 ) .

Impact upon society and stakeholder

McDonald ‘s replaces the polystyrene froth to paper for packaging, which brings a batch of impact to society. Through the replacing of polystyrene to paper, McDonald ‘s makes up 90 % decrease in the volume of packaging compared to froth. As reference by Quinn ( 2009, 17 ) province that the replacing has reduced the volume of packaging compared to froth. In kernel, the plan suggested seems to be working.

Besides, the more utilizing recycles paper, which will cut down the sum waste that end up in the landfills ( Lad 2010 ) . Furthermore, corrugate composition board represent around 30 % of McDonald entire eating house waste and as consequence of recycling, divert the sum of waste from landfills ( McDonald ‘s 2008 ) . In fact, the more patterns the recycling the paper, the more preserve the environment. As a consequence, less of the trees will cut and less pollution occur. ( Kinsella 2000 ) .

By the manner, McDonalds has recycled used cookery oil for biodiesel, as the used cookery oil is 10 % of the entire eating house waste ( McDonald ‘s 2008 ) . This plan is to recycle the cooking oil into fuel for bringing trucks. The bringing trucks run on the green fuel, which has been successfully save 1675 metric tons of C yearly ( McDonald ‘s to Run UK Fleet on Cooking Oil 2007, 12 ) . For case, about 80 % of the used oil in Europe has transformed into biodiesel ( McDonald ‘s 2010 ) .

In add-on, the test of change overing the waste to energy has been successfully decrease 54 % per centum of C emanation as audited by the Carbon Trust ( Brass 2009 ) . The sum of waste save from landfill could be 65 tones if the eating houses continue implement this disposal. For the energy generate from the waste provide plenty heat and electricity to the edifice ( McDonald ‘s 2010 ) . For case, in UK the energy generate from the nutrient waste, which able to power the 22 million visible radiation bulbs to community ( Brass 2009 ) . Despite the plan started late, McDonald ‘s has successful manage a decrease of C emanation. In kernel, the plan suggested seems to be working.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There are advantages and disadvantages of McDonald ‘s patterns in the waste direction. The major advantage through the waste direction patterns is reduced the nursery gas emanation. Harmonizing to European Environment Agency ( EEA ) said that improves of the waste direction contribute to the low nursery gas emanation. Methane particularly one of the nursery gases which largely generate by the landfills operation and convey harmful effects to the environment and human wellness. Therefore, the cardinal factor success of lower down the gases emanation is driven by the greater recycle wastes, increased sum of waste recovery and incineration combined with energy production ( European Environment Agency, 2008 ) . Another advantage of the waste direction patterns is generated a liveable environment to society ( Waste Disposal Methods Advantages and Disadvantages n.d. ) . Through the waste direction patterns, McDonalds has send less waste to landfill and finally less waste occupy the landfill and less waste non contributed the nursery gases ( Lad 2010 ) .

However, there are some disadvantages of the waste direction patterns. The major disadvantage is contaminated the environment ( Waste Disposal Methods Advantages and Disadvantages n.d. ) . The use of documents as packaging particularly is non warranting, as it is unfriendly to the environment in the waste direction pattern. It is because there will be an addition in the environment impact in production of paper packaging point.

An analysis conducted by the Franklin Associates, an independent environmental research house that the production between polystyrene froth and paper toward the environment impact. The consequence show that the fabrication of paper containers particularly make up 46 per centum more air pollution, 42 per centum more H2O pollution and 75 per centum more industrial waste than that of plastic. The production of paper requires 30 per centum more energy to bring forth than froth ( Eckhardt 1998 ) . In kernel, the plan of use of paper for packaging suggested non been successful working in cut down the environment impacts. Besides, the disadvantage of the waste direction patterns is the affect of people wellness. The procedure of convert the waste to energy demand go through the incineration, which may breathe the harmful gases into the environment that risky to occupants ‘ wellness, as the emanation fume is unseeable and smelly. Undoubtedly, it brings the negative impact to society ( Krishna 2006 ) .


As decision, the fast nutrient concatenation like McDonalds should chiefly concern decrease of the waste. The societal public presentation of McDonalds in relation to the environment has enormously contributed in the term of waste direction patterns. However, McDonald ‘s waste direction patterns are non effectual unless McDonalds find out other alternate ways in manage the waste, which are conveying environmental friendly to society. Even though the riddance of waste from the fast nutrient eating houses is impossible, McDonalds should besides cut down the waste produce from the eating house in order to forestall the waste from being engulfed the Earth. If the big fast nutrient company like McDonalds does non command the waste produce from the eating house, other smaller company will follow the McDonalds same footfall. Ultimately, it will convey the greater injury to the environment and society.


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