2. find out which are those principles

April 20, 2019 Religion

2. Religion: God is above everything; one cannot claim to understand him. The only thing left is to pray. The genuine leap of faith: placing your faith on something?you do not know what will happen. Outcomes are considered miracles; Magic is not religion.
3. Science: is the peak of everything ?makes knowledge intelligible and predictable (governed by regularity). Frazer was a mythologist, looking at different cultures and trying to figure out what the other scientists are looking for. They are looking for truth and are trying to explain it based on experiments. They have norms, principles. Frazer wanted to explain what is behind the multitude of myths and to find out which are those principles which repeat.
Frazer’s comparativism – he finds the structural similarities and compares the different cultures. He starts his work in late Victorianism when people had the British religious practices, a close view on religion, and a poor and reduced kind of religion. He opens the perspective on the religion saying that religion means more than going to church. He became influential.
Myths are about the supernatural (the relationship with the transcendental, God cause this world to happen by creating it) ? myths of creation, origin, morality/immorality, quests, heroism, battles. Frazer drew attention to the complexity and diversity of myths.
Rudolph Otto was a theologian who took a different approach to religion. He noticed that the church approached divinity/God with a very simplistic instrument, pretending that it can make sense of everything – the rationalistic approach. Otto thought that this Rationalistic approach impoverished the relationship with God, because God is a mystery – whose force makes us afraid ‘mysterium tremendum’ and generates in us fear ‘horror sacrum’; the fear of God is the fear of the incomprehensible – and cannot be explained, he is beyond human grasp. God is the embodiment of divine ‘holly dread’/’holly sacrum’ and he remains inaccessible to us.


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