History And Analysis Of Fire Science Environmental Sciences Essay

September 6, 2017 Environmental Sciences

This paper is an effort to analyze the development and history of fire scientific discipline in the United States of America. It begins by looking at the beginnings of fire and its human usage, historical development of fire engineering and application, protection and exigency and direction of fire related catastrophes. Fire has played an of import function in the development of human sort from clip immemorial, by determining the history of human home grounds, cultural development, natural and communal environments ( Payne, 1995 ) . Patel ( 2008 ) besides expresses the same position that fire has changed the history and development of human history get downing with our ascendants. He states that the acquisition of fire facilitated the development of human sort and its possible development changed the fate of humanity.

From its find to the modern age, the construct of fire and its application has developed over a period of clip with development of human history. Its usage has changed from the crude method applied by our ascendants where they used clash to bring forth heat so ignite fire, to the modern usage of certain chemical reactions to light fire ( Patel, 2008 ) . Payne ( 1995 ) explains farther that the history of fire in the US can be traced back to the autochthonal dwellers ‘ cultural usage of fire for uncluttering the land, runing and assemblage activities and in warfare. In the US in peculiar, Fire is a cardinal ecological procedure in the development and care of Northern grasslands, therefore impacting human and carnal development ( Wrangham, 2009 ) . Fire has besides shaped the landscape across a assortment of woods in the USA, from the eastern hardwood and conifer mixtures to western cone-bearing woods ( Fire scientific discipline brief ) .

Harmonizing to Patel ( 2008 ) , fire devising may be a engineering, but it is portion of human cistron civilization, co-evolution because their long- standing dependance on fire has basically altered the human genome. Today, the cognition and application of Fire has been incorporated into the scientific survey within the academic subjects. Fire scientific discipline as a scientific subject looks at the scheme and tactics, deliverance patterns, risky stuffs, wildfire combat, fire probe, fire bar, setup and processs and basic exigency attention ( Casper College.edu ) . Fire Science as a subject covers a broad of cognition, accomplishments and understanding in the countries of Fire engineering and direction, catastrophe planning, deliverance services and safety steps, Wildfire protection and direction.

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Fire Science Technology and command systems

Although fire is of import in the development and development of human sort, it is besides destructive and risky to human endurance. Due these menaces, human ascendants were forced to invent methods for commanding and protecting themselves against fire. Harmonizing to Wrangham ( 2009 ) the control of fire can be traced back to ‘hominid ascendant homoerectus ‘ . He maintains that the control of fire provided human ascendants with of import ways of cooking nutrient that permitted the development of their energy hungry larger encephalon that marked the descent to which homosapiens are heir ( Wrangham, 2009 ) . Similarly, Patel ( 1995 ) besides reiterates that our ascendants had developed profound ways of commanding fire some 790,0000 old ages ago therefore advancing human endurance. The pattern of commanding and pull offing fire has developed over the old ages with the technological promotion.

Therefore the development of engineering and scientific finds has greatly improved fire related engineering and control systems, therefore seting accent fire jeopardies and the protecting of life and people from fire. Ewert et Al ( 1993 ) adds that as worlds spread and their forms of colony changed over the landscape through Midland and urban interface, so was the scientific discipline and engineering of fire. Kai ( 2009 ) explains that fire protection incorporates the survey, pattern of and the appropriate methods of extenuating the unwanted effects of fire. This survey involves the behavior, compartmentalisation, suppression and the probe of fire and its related exigencies, every bit good as research and development, production, proving and application of extenuating system ( Kai, 2009 ) .

It is estimated that unwanted fires costs over $ 700Billion a twelvemonth in US entirely, in the redevelopment of buildings, insurance claims and loss of concerns, therefore impacting the economic system and societal colonies ( Jones, 1997 ) . It is due to these jobs that the US authorities initiated with fire direction policies and stalled Fire protection system in both the residential and commercial premises. Fire protection system involves fire dismay and suppression systems, H2O distribution system and associated water faucets ( Kai, 2009 ) . The Fire direction policies applied on urban development incorporates fire suppression and community protection, fire dependent ecosystems ( Hassan, 2005 ) . The outgrowth of computing machine scientific discipline and calculating engineering has besides contributed greatly to the direction, control and development of fire protection steps. This engineering uses the high tech equipments and package tools that help to supervise the behavior of fire and patterning the geographical information for better fire function satellite imagination ( fs.edu.us ) .

Fire Disaster Management, Rescues and Emergency Operations

Fire is non merely an of import component in the life of human existences, but it has besides played a natural function in the development of wildlife and human home grounds such as woods. It helps the forest life by recycling foods and cut downing the sum of accrued fire fuels on the forest floor ( wamis.org ) . But as the older woods grow so is the greater supply of fuels and rapid urban population colony, which consequences in the hazards of doing fire. Human colonies in US particularly are continually being threatened due to wild land fires and wildfires are going a menace to many ecosystems and communities, intensifying societal and ecological costs, ( Busenberg, 2009 ) . Due to Climate alteration and other natural causes such as drouth and lightning, wildfire is going frequent in the US particularly, extended by some commanding factors such as such as, temperature, precipitation, humidness, air current, ignition, biomass, dead organic affair, flora species composing and construction, and dirt wet ( IPCC 2001 ) . Spero ( 2002 ) reiterates that Over the 48-year period from 1950 to 1997 a sum of 529,824 estates burned in the approximately three million acre northwesterly Sierra Nevada study country in all flora types ( 11,038 estates per twelvemonth on the norm or about 0.4 per centum per twelvemonth overall.

In order to cover with this job both the federal and regional authoritiess have formulated different schemes for fire direction. Fire direction schemes incorporate different methods for pull offing the ecosystem, inter-disciplinary attack to climate, wildfire and ecosystem engineering ( wamis.org ) . Part of this scheme involves the National Fire Danger Rating System, which surveies the forms of conditions variables, and how they affect fire behaviour. In add-on, fire scientific discipline has been incorporates into University sections and research establishments in the US, whereby assorted organisations and experts run into together to turn to the causes and ecological and societal effects of altered fire governments around the universe. One such establishment is the Center for Fire Research and Outreach, housed at the University of California at Berkeley which holds a maestro database that can be accessed all over the universe. This computing machine system provides spatially enabled web interface for informations aggregation, the tool greatly facilitated the aggregation and storage of adept information about the function of fire, fire government conditions, beginnings of fire government change and the degree of scientific assurance by eco-region ( cnr.berkeley.edu ) .


Fire is a natural component in human development and development since, it was discovered by the great human great ascendants. Fire has shaped the human landscape, ecological system and human environment every bit good as keeping bio-diversity world- broad. Furthermore, Fire has a natural function of keeping a healthy ecosystem and cut downing the impact of disease and insects. Peoples from different cultural contexts have assorted myths and legends about fire, and its use in human endurance. The apprehension and application of fire has developed over the old ages with the development of world, traveling from the crude cognition to the modern computerized universe. It developed from the simple mechanism whereby the human ascendants produced fire through clash to bring forth heat so ignite fire, to modern production of fire through chemical reactions.

Following the innovation of scientific discipline and industrial revolution, the cognition, application and direction of fire became scientifically oriented. In the US, the accent changed from fire jeopardies and happening appropriate methods of protecting life and fire related catastrophe direction. Although the relationship between Fire and worlds is complex, its benefit and impacts on world has been tremendous and extended. It has contributed greatly to human ecological sustainability, wellness and bio-diversity over a period of clip since the clip of our ascendants. Today, the scientific survey of fire has incorporated into the mainstream university and college research centres in the US. The survey of Fire scientific discipline covers a broad field of cognition and expertness in the countries such as fire direction and protection, fire related catastrophe planning, deliverance services and safety issues. The outgrowth of computing machine scientific discipline and the computer-aided engineering has changed the manner fire is monitored, managed and controlled, runing from forest wild fires and wellness safety steps in the urban colonies. Fire protection steps include fire immune vesture, development of fire shelter, fire combat equipments and H2O bringing system to stamp down fire.


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