Assignment on Local Advertising of Bangladesh

October 24, 2017 Music

Local advertising refers to optimizing delivering ads according to the position of the recipient (client, user). It is used in geo marketing, local search through internet often fuels uses optimization for targeting the advertising. Advertising to a local merchant or business as opposed to regional or national advertising and placed at rates available to local merchants is known as Local Advertising. Walton Group Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd. Walton HIL) is the pioneer of Refrigerator, Freezer, Air Conditioner and Motorcycle Manufacturing Technology in Bangladesh. R. B. Group (Mother Company) is the country’s top business Group in electrical and electronics, Motorcycle, Electricity generating equipments and other household electrical ; electronics appliances using the brand name WALTON giving the tag line “Avgv‡`i cY? ”. The company has been running its business with a great reputation since 1977.

WALTON brand’s main products are different types of Televisions (CRT, LCD, and LED), DVD Players, Motorcycles, Refrigerators ; Freezers, Microwave Ovens, Steam Ovens, Domestic and Industrial Generators, Manganese ; Alkaline Batteries, Air conditioners and various types of necessary and useful home appliances etc. Walton Group is telecasting the high definition TV commercials using the famous faces of Bangladeshi showbiz world. All of their commercials are quite authentic examples of local advertising in terms of models, jingles, props, locations and products.

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In Walton Mobile Advertising they have used tribal people here and remote places like hills of Chittagong or sea beach of Cox’s Bazar to show the network connection power of the phone set. Its features like image clarity, capturing power, mp3 and FM radio options with Neo-RTMPS operation, flat platform and slim body of the phone set everything is described properly in the 40 seconds of the ad The jingle tune used in the ad does not sound irritating to the audiences’ ear and its high definition picture clarity leaves a good feeling in the viewers mind even after ending the ad The commercial’s YouTube link is: ttp://www. youtube. com/watch? v=RnR-GS6y-x4 Kohinoor Group Their new beauty soap product is Sandalina Sandal Soap. The commercial of this soap has some royal types of set up as animating the users of this soap are someone having aristocratic background. The makers of the ad perfectly portrayed the aristocracy through the famous actress Joya Ahasan. Their tag line is also “i? cPP©vq AvwfRvZ? ”The drama based scene, perfect amount of aristocracy, royal sets, props, background music everything is portrayed very well in the 55 second of ad and the soap also has print media advertisements.

The commercial’s YouTube link is: http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=h5h7n-K7H20 Amin Jewelers Limited Jewelries are the most loved and sophisticated gifts for women of any ages. Though nowadays its purchase and use are only limited in a particular group of people because of the rising price of gold, diamond and other jewels in global market. Even after that woman of Bangladesh love to wear jewelries. And in this sector Amin Jewelers Limited has a profound ground in Bangladesh since 1966. They are the most old jewelry house in Bangladesh still performing their business with so much fame, trust and profits.

The recent TV commercials of Amin Jewelers Limited show their new addition of aristocratic jewels in market like Blue Diamonds, White Earth Diamonds, Antic Gold, Pink Pearls etc. The commercial’s YouTube link is: Blue Diamond: http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=FClWzDaZXrE White Diamond: http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=RFiOPcITsa8 Antic Gold: http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=WMYgmhWsHao Pink Pearl: http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=I0OPEpvvzlA Pran Foods “PRAN” is currently the most well known household name among the millions of people in Bangladesh and abroad also.

Since its inception in 1980, PRAN Group has grown up in stature and became the largest fruit and vegetable processor in Bangladesh. It also has the distinction of achieving prestigious certificate like ISO 9001:2000, and being the largest exporter of processed agro products with compliance of HALAL ; HACCP to more than 70 countries from Bangladesh. PRAN is the pioneer in Bangladesh to be involved in contract farming and procures raw material directly from the farmers and processes through state of the art machinery at our several factories into hygienically packed food and drinks products.

The brand “PRAN” has established itself in every category of food and beverage industry and can boost a product range from Juices, Carbonated Drinks, Confectionery, Snacks, and Spices to even Dairy products. Recently in their commercials of “Gura Masala” they are using the word of “c„w_exi †miv njy` / me‡P‡q jvj I Svj gwiP ” etc. which is obviously grabbing the attention of mass people. The commercial’s YouTube link is: Pran Gura Holud – http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=s4yBM7a1rUA Pran Gura Morich – http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=2Z1iALJD-_Y


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