Us Issue

September 22, 2016 May 2nd, 2019 Human Rights

Us Issue

It has been said that the post-Cold War scenario poses several challenges to the United States with the emergence of various threats to American National Security. Also since the end of the Cold War, a fourth category of countries has appeared on the international stage, in addition to the industrialized and developing countries and those in transition. It comprises countries at war or emerging from conflict in which the state has been foundering in human rights violations like genocide and intercommunal massacres. In addition, there now exist various countries that have been swayed or coerced to patronize religious fanaticism.

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It is important to recognize the existence of these countries because the threat that they pose has become more relentless in the post-Cold War world. Arguably one of the most devastating national security threats that they pose is that of the aid that they provide to encourage the proliferation of chemical, biological, nuclear, and missile technology. Another complication to this dilemma is that the control of such weapons is in the hands of terrorist organizations that are not based in any specific state, capable of transferring their resources to various locations through a complex terrorist network throughout the globe.
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