Capital Punishment

September 23, 2016 General Studies

Capital Punishment

The United States capital punishment rules are embarrassing. Through loopholes
in our government process it would be possible for an innocent 16 year old to be put to death. In many ways capital punishment is a farce and spits in the name of justice. It is wrong to execute people who are innocent, yet sometimes there is a sniff of doubt in the air. Victims of discrimination should not be executed either.
The death penalty proves very costly, to our wallets. Taxpayers shell out 3.1 million dollars in taxes for every execution. Whether or not you agree with capital punishment, you are definitely going to have to pay for it.
It seems as though racism can become a factor in to many cases. An African American male is 6 times more likely to earn a death penalty than a Caucasian. 10 whites since 1976 have been executed for killing African Americans. 60 black people have been put to death for the opposite.
Laws in Texas allow for execution of people who are mentally retarded. This is ridiculous, but as they say ?everybody is dumber in Texas.? David Owen Perry was executed in

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