Politics In Business

September 24, 2016 Politics

Politics In Business

What is Power ?Power is defined simplistically as the ability to get others people to

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do something that you want them to do? (Buhler, 2001). Power is control and many

people are given the power to control other in their every day task. When one person

controls the power and politics, that individual has complete domination. There are a

number of people in this position, CEO, CFO, Human resources or just your manager

has the power to change your life.

?Just a decade ago, most organization reflected the traditional pyramid with the

power concentrated at the top?most levels of the hierarchy. Today the reality is very

different in many organization. Now, power is distributed more evenly throughout most

organizations. This is a result of the empowerment of the workforce. This

empowerment, however, has resulted in a major paradigm shift. It has required that

everyone think very differently about the concept of power today? (Buhler, 2001).

Every organization has politics that dominate the everyday lives of it workforce. The

politics usually begins at the top of the pyramid. The whole political environment within a

company can determine how long your employment will

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