Thai Sex Tour

September 24, 2016 Tourism

Thai Sex Tour

Thailand?s Sex Tourism
In our world today, many nations are still in a struggle in finding methods to be able to support themselves in the aggressive economic environment in which we live in. Tourism for many developing countries has been viewed as a key asset for development as well as international recognition. Many nations within the Southeast Asian region, specifically Thailand, have successfully adopted tourism as a significant factor in the improvement of the nation.
According to the World Bank, Thailand has had one of the fastest economic growth rates of any developing country over the last 25 years, making the country an economic leader in developing nations in Southeast Asia. Bringing in approximately 156 billion Baht ($4 billion US), tourism has been the main contributor to the Thai economy. Speaking from my personal experience and knowledge, this revenue has been credited to the many Thai cultural tourist attractions that are located through out different provinces within the country.
A key point that has gone unnoticed is the fact that Thailand?s tourism revenues brings in over 60 billion Baht ($1.5 billion US) alone from the sex tourism that is offered in the country. Thailand?s government, at least I believe, has

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