John Kerry America

September 25, 2016 Health

John Kerry America

John Kerry?s experience as a Vietnam Vet and years of military service provide the experience that allows him to know, that the most basic responsibility of being president of the United States in to defend the homeland and its citizens. America has taken large steps since the attacks on September 11, 2001. However it has fallen into many holes along the way as we are in right now. John Kerry knows that we cannot take war to places that do not threaten our immediate freedoms; he also knows that losing over 1,000 soldiers of the American Armed forces is a horrible move. He has a plan to better coordinate the intelligence machine that America has at its fingertips. By bounding these communication loopholes it would better secure America from future terrorist attacks. His plans include a restructuring of the inelegance system that is our core anti-terrorism here on the homeland. Many whistleblowers have alerted the federal government that many states and large cities are not ready if there was a nuclear or biochemical attack on the homeland. George Bush has put off these warnings and intelligence briefings causing a lack of security for the American public, Kerry will

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