Gunshot Wounds

September 26, 2016 General Studies

Gunshot Wounds

Running head: GUNSHOT WOUNDS

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The following research paper is on gunshot wounds. One of the major topics that will be discussed in this paper is the velocity of the bullet when it enters the body. Handgun bullets have low velocity and low energy, while rifle bullets are high in both velocity and energy. Additionally, close contact gunshot wounds, intermediate wounds, distant wounds, and exit wounds will be explored. The author will also discuss the individual characteristics of a bullet, including size, shape, and location of ejector and extractor marks. Furthermore, a detailed analysis of the many ways to identify a suicide by a gunshot wound will be discussed, due to the complexities encountered when dealing with this issue.

Gunshot Wounds
As our society today becomes more and more violent, we continue to see the number of gunshot wounds on a daily basis increase. In my opinion the reason that this type of wound is so common is because guns are so easy to use, and they are very accessible. Gunshot wounds are extremely devastating and in a number of cases, result in death. Military literature documents that at least 40% of casualties on a battlefield

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