Desert Storm Life on the Edge

September 27, 2016 General Studies

Desert Storm Life on the Edge

Desert Storm life on the edge

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A war to some that many feel came unresolved. United States armed forces recaptured Kuwait the strategic target that we set out for. At what cost did the United States capture that infamous target. A close cousin of mine named Rick Calderon was involved in the Desert Storm war and with his involvement my life personally changed.
I remember the day my cousin said he was going to be shipped out into the Persian Gulf, although he was many years older than me, I looked up to him like a dear brother. He came from a home with a single mother raising my cousin and his three younger sisters. He enlisted in the Marines at the age of twenty-two to find guidance in his life and help his struggling mother financially. When the news came that my cousin would be deployed into hostile territory our entire family was petrified with pure horror. He was a lance corporal during the ordeal and served in the 301st infantry division ?grunts?, as most of the armed forces called them. He was deployed within 15 miles of hostile territory in a mobile base outside of Kuwait.
During his 7-month stay

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