Affirmative Action

September 28, 2016 September 30th, 2016 Cultural

Affirmative Action

Stereotyping and the Media

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Stereotypes are a huge problem in today?s society, and can result in predjudice, mistreatment, and discrimination amongst people of all races, religions, and beliefs. Everyone seems to rely on stereotypes in some way, usually to describe differences between groups and to predict how others will behave. Problems with stereotyping include overgeralization, seeing what we already believe, avoiding power sharing, and to justify hostility. In order to change a stereotype held on specific people or groups of people, you must actually get to know those people you hold stereotypes on. This may confirm the stereotype, or be the exposure you need to correct your false data. The media seems to take in those stereotypes we hold and use them to their advantage, in my opinion to play on emotions for ratings. In other words, because of popular culture and our own cultural identities, we are drawn to watch television programs that we can relate to in some way, and with this comes creation and reinforcement of different stereotypes.
In my opinion, the media influences our stereotypes by taking the stereotypes we already have on a specific group, and then using those stereotypes with a character in a specific

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