Civil War Long Arms

Civil War Long Arms

Civil War Long Arms

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In the Civil War up 95% of the total long arms were muzzle loading. In the early days of the war almost 100% of the rifles were muzzle loading.
The muzzleloading rifle goes back to the midvil times. The popularity started in the early 1400s. Back then the firearms were bascicly hand held canons and you would like a fuse on a tube that was fastened to a wood handle. They wieghed in excese of 50 pounds in a lot of examples. They were unrielable, crude and often dangerous to the operators. In the early 1600s a new ignition system would change that forever. There was a trigger that when it was related would make the canon fuse spin against a flint and steel ?frizzen? that would cause it to ignight the primary charge. These were called matchlock rifles. Then in the 1700s an even better system of ignightion would come about. This system eliminated the cannon fuse and had a piece of flint that when the trigger was released would strike it against a piece of steel. The sparks were directed into a small

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