October 1, 2016 May 2nd, 2019 General Studies

During the past century, abortion has been one of the most passionately debated subjects of controversy in the US. Since the early decades of the 20th century, abortion was used as a measure of limiting families to a manageable size. In the old times, a poor mans only luxury was sex, and he was not about to “mar his instant pleasure with prudence for the future”.

Abortion was abused in early times as an extreme measure of birth control to avoid further poverty to families. Today, more than 50% of all abortions are given to women under the age of 22. Only half of the teenage girls who have sex use protection the first time. The average time between when a woman first has sex and the times she consults a clinician is six months.

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Impulsive, ignorant, and irresponsible behavior often lead to unwanted pregnancy. Forcing a woman to raise an unwanted child is the ultimate form of child abuse, for the child will receive less of the loving maternal relationship she or he deserves. We cannot consider ourselves to be a humane culture.

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