Designing A Government

October 1, 2016 Religion

Designing A Government

To form a government from the choices that I have been provided with this would be my chosen government layout.
First, I would choose a government that gives elected officials considerable latitude to do what they want or feel is best, without having to worry about public opinion for the first question because we need elected officials with the ability to vote there minds. If the people dictated every issue their views would be constantly changing with the Polls.
For the next question I would choose a government where major changes in policy are hard to accomplish and happen rarely because we need time to debate and discuss the issues, an example of not allowing this would be when Hitler was in control of Germany he could make decisions quickly with no debate, and look at the damage that he cause during his reign.
For the third question I choose a government that allows minorities to block legislation that they feel is unfair or unjust to them because if a majority rule was in effect then minorities would be persecuted and denied equal rights, an example of this would be the Civil Rights of African Americans in

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