October 2, 2016 General Studies


Elections are the hardest weeks that the president and the elected candidate have to withstand just to get a chance to become re-elected, or getting a shot at becoming the next president. Like this year elections, we had two candidates one was and still is the president George W. Bush, and the other candidate was Kerry Edwards they both put up a good fight, Bush being a republican and Kerry a democrat, they put out some very interesting debates. Kerry was at one point leading the debate to the point were Bush was having a hard time responding, and I think everyone who was listening, or watching the debate noticed that, and it gave Kerry an edge.
For Example, Kerry was talking how, and what he?ll do about abortion, Kerry said that unless its necessary that a women can get an abortion, because like he mention what if a female gets raped, and she gets pregnant from the rapist she should have the option on wether she wants to keep the baby, because it?s hard enough as it is that she gets raped, but to also have a baby that she may not want. Kerry also pointed out

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