Gay Marriage

October 3, 2016 Law

Gay Marriage

Recently, the local radio station has been airing some commercials to get people thinking. These commercials are of an African-American man in modern day society who is unequally separated from white people. In one commercial he is told to sit at the back of an airplane, in another he is told to use a separate facility for colored people at his work. By the end of the commercials the question is asked ?what would today be like if Martin Luther King never had a dream? These commercials are played so that we can see what positive change has been made. We look back on how we treated people and we are disgusted with our own behavior yet putting a ban on same sex marriages is the same concept.

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Not allowing gay or lesbian couples to marry is an example of modern day suffrage in the gay community. Homosexuals have the right to speak freely, bear arms, and have privacy yet under law they are separated from the general population because they do not have the right to wed and be family. Twenty years from now society will look back and ask themselves what authority did we

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