Jimmy Carter

October 3, 2016 Music

Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter was born on October 1, 1924, in Plains, Georgia. Carter?s father, a farmer and businessman, ran a farm products store on the family farm in the rural community of Archery, a few miles west of Plains Georgia (?Jimmy Carter?). The Carters lived in Plains when Jimmy was born. Four years later, they moved to the farm in Archery. Jimmy grew up there and helped with the farm chores during his boyhood. Jimmy went to public school in Plains. His favorite subjects included history, literature, and music. As a teenager, he played on the high school basketball team. In 1941, following graduation from high school, Carter entered Georgia Southwestern College in Americus. In 1942, he was appointed to the United States Navel Academy. Carter met Rosalyn Smith, best friend of his sister Ruth. In the summer after graduation they were married.

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By the early 1950?s Carter and his wife had three sons. In 1962, Carter entered the race for the Democratic nomination for the Georgia Senate. He lost by a few votes, partly because of fraud that included stuffed ballot boxes. Carter pursued his appeals until he was declared the winner of the primary. In spite of all the

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