EU Federalism

October 3, 2016 General Studies

EU Federalism

Explain what you understand by a ?federal Europe?

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The signing of the European Constitution on the 29th October 2004 marks the latest step in movement stretching half a century; the integration of European states to promote stability and prosperity across the continent. Yet, this step has once again ignited a debate on European federalism, with fears prevalent in many countries of the establishment of a European state, a single entity that makes the states redundant. The aim of this essay is to examine the extent of federalism within the European Union (EU) to explain what a federal Europe means, how it already exists, and why it does not mean a ?United States of Europe?.
This essay shall begin with a necessary distinction between federalism and confederalism. It will be seen how the modern conceptions of these ideas came about following the establishment of the USA. This will allow a more detailed evaluation of the state of European integration. Following from this, it will be shown how the ?fathers? of European integration, namely Monnet and Spinelli, clearly had federal-style objectives for Europe in their ultimate goals of establishing a strong peace order in the continent. Nevertheless, it will be seen that it

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