Marshall Plan

October 5, 2016 General Studies

Marshall Plan

Reaction paper
Air Bill Signed by Truman as Replay to Foes of Liberty
1. Introduction
Harold B. Hinton wrote the article especially to New York Times. The major point of that work is to show the America?s President Truman preference towards capitalistic ideology and to stop the spread of communism by putting a lot of money to the third world countries.
I would like to show the significance of that work, major points and what were the predecessors of written events. My paper will consist of five chapters: introduction, main body, which will include the major points, investigation of what was happening at the time the document was written, will give some insights into the individuals and events mentioned in the document, showing the significance of the document. In the conclusion I will give the precise summary and opinion regarding this problem.
The major points of that document President Truman signed the Foreign Assistance Act in 1948, which brings European Recovery Program to existence. It was developing ten month and finally from simple Marshal Plan it became huge legislative project, dealing with communist conformation.
There were twelve witnesses who support Truman signature: Senator Arthur H. Vandenberg, Secretary of the Interior Julius A. Krug, Secretary

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