Middle East

October 6, 2016 General Studies

Middle East

The Middle East has been a hot bed for political unrest since the end of World War I, when the Western Powers initially divided it up. Today is no different. Saddam Hussein, leader of Iraq, is a constant threat to the countries that surround him. The United States? top officials believe that he has weapons of mass destruction, and he has shown that he has the will to use them. However, going to war unilaterally is not the best route for dealing with Hussein. It will only further destabilize the region, distract efforts against the war on terrorism, and cost both too many lives and too much money.
Iraq is a country located in south-west Asia. It has a population of 22,345,000 and the official language is Arabic. It is not a third world country, and 70% of the country is urban. The main import is military weapons and the main export is oil. Since 1968, Iraq?s government has been a dictatorship, the Baath Party, led by Saddam Hussein. They have managed to eliminate any opposing political activity.
In 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait, a small neighboring country that is rich with oil.

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