Laws Imposed by Goverment

October 7, 2016 General Studies

Laws Imposed by Goverment

It has been my understanding since I began to learn about our country, its laws, and the rights of its people; that laws are meant to protect people from people, people from the state, but it should be up to the individual to make decisions that will or will not protect them from themselves. It is my opinion that many of the laws that are imposed by our government infringe on ones ability to govern their own lives. Some examples of this infringement include but are not limited to: seatbelt, marijuana, and euthanasia, as well as the abortion laws. I plan on exploring numerous country?s positions, penalties, and enforcement of these laws; and determining whether or not our positions are right threatening, or better for the greater good of our society.
I am not necessarily for or against any one of the laws stated above, however I am for people making their own decisions on issues that affect them and only them. I am a smoker of marijuana, and an advocate for its legalization. Before I began smoking I wasn?t against it, it was just ?never my thing,? I would never make judgments upon

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