Colombia A Country Report

October 7, 2016 Geography

Colombia: A Country Report

Colombia: A Country/Region Report

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This study on Colombia serves to describe a short history and current state of the country. The information gathered for this study helps to identify the potential implications, challenges and opportunities, foreign companies may take into account when deciding to invest in Colombia or divert to another country.
Ecological Environment
Colombia?s geography is made up of highlands and coastal lowlands. The Andes Mountains make up most of the western part of the country. Colombia is unique because it has coastlines on both the Caribbean and Pacific oceans. Colombia?s terrain is made up of mountains with some lowlands and coastal flats. In the east at the foot of the mountain ranges the lowlands can be swampy.
Colombia?s climate is somewhat humid due to its average rainfall of anywhere from 60 to 200 inches of rain. In Colombia the locals have a hot zone which they call Tierra Caliente. In this hot zone the temperature averages 80 degrees and can get very hot. The climate is tropical along the coast and eastern plains. Colombia gets cooler when moving in to the highlands.
Natural Resources
Colombia has many natural resources. The leading natural

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