Mass Media And Politics

October 8, 2016 Politics

Mass Media And Politics

media in politics

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The media play an important role in American politics. It is the job of the media to keep citizens informed and to help shape their opinion?s on issues of the day. Reporters, however, look at reporting in different ways. Reporters like Michael Lewis report on what interest them. In ?Trail Fever?, he finds himself attached to Senator John McCain of Arizona as he follows him on his 1996 Presidential campaign. In ?A Time of Change?, New York Times editor Harrison Salisbury looks back on two heavily publicized political events of the 1960?s, the Kennedy assassination and the1968 Democratic National Convention. Salisbury?s tenure as editor ?qualifies him to critique? the coverage of great events. Paul Glastris, on the other hand, discusses why certain political events, like Al Gore?s National Performance Review (NPR), do not get much media attention. All three articles show how the media is affected by what transpires in American politics, and in some instances how it affects those who report on them.
In ?Trail Fever,? Michael Lewis follows the Presidential election of 1996. He was uninspired by the two favorites, Senator Bob Dole from Kansas and President Bill Clinton. Lewis along the way ran into

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