Same-sex Marriage

October 8, 2016 Religion

Same-sex Marriage

Same Sex Marriage? Agree or disagree The controversial subject of legalizing same sex marriage in each of the states is getting more and more attention in the legislature. While each state has it?s own determination on whether or not same sex marriages should be recognized, many states do not view a same sex marriage as a legal union. The unanswered question is weather same sex marriage should or should not be legalized.
Jonathan Rauch, journalist for The Atlantic, believes that banning same-sex marriage is discriminatory. Marriage is a basic human right and should not be denied to any individual. At various times in U.S. history, other minorities have been prevented from marrying African-Americans for example. Interracial marriage was also legally prohibited in various states until the Supreme Court ruled such bans unconstitutional in 1967. (U.S News) Jonathan?s farther examination of marriage discrimination concluded that banning gay marriage cut same-sex couples off from a host of tangible advantages such as; health and retirement benefits, life insurance, income tax, estate tax, wrongful-death benefits, and spousal, dependent support.
On the other hand, marriage benefits cost money. If same-sex marriage were legal gay couples would become eligible for federal benefits and tax breaks. Placing an

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