Marijuana Debate

October 8, 2016 Medical

Marijuana Debate

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Should it be Legalized

Should marijuana be legalized it is a simple question with complex answers. There are many questions regarding marijuana ranging from should it be legalized, to whether it is a harmful drug. This topic is important to the people of America because we, as taxpayers spend millions of dollars each year on drug control. This is a major issue arising not only in America, but also in our neighboring country of Canada. Should marijuana be legalized If it is legalized what would it mean to America?s war on drugs What might the moralists? argument against drugs become Legalizing marijuana would make people change their perspective on the issue as well as the people who use it, due to it no longer being a crime.
This issue is significant because it will affect our country as a whole. It will affect our taxes, laws, as well as the political parties and elections that will run our country. Legalization of marijuana also touches on the rights of citizens, as well on modern medicine. Marijuana is the drug that has a big question mark that goes along with it. What should our country do while faced with the issue of

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