Cal Thomas

October 11, 2016 General Studies

Cal Thomas

Critical Review: Cal Thomas & Ed Dobson ?Blinded by Night?

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I found the article by Cal Thomas and Ed Dobson to be the most upfront and honest piece of work that I have read from the religious right in this class. When compared to the article written by Falwell I find this article to be better written with less political and religious spin.
I find the article so effective in part because of the way it was composed. They gave you the view of the Moral Majority in 1980. It was an organization bursting with excitement, enthusiasm, and expectations. With the election of President Reagan the sky was supposed to be the limit for the moral majority. It was supposed to be only a matter of time before the country under went massive changes for the better. Fast forward twenty years and you see that very little of what the moral majority intended to accomplish was ever achieved.
The authors hold the belief that top down activism cannot and will not work.

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