JFK Shots Fired

JFK Shots Fired


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It appears that the disappearance of evidence from the J.F.K. Investigations shows that the government is holding back information from the American public. Evidence points that certain people were involved and the government was running the operation. People have known for the past 37 years that there is a flaw in this investigation and that it should be re-opened and retried in court.
The shooting of J.F.K. is taken in by many people throughout their life as completely investigated and solved. The main person involved in this tragedy was Lee Harvey Oswald. He is the suspected killer and gunmen who sat in the Texas Book Depository window on November 22,1963. As soon as the shooting took place, officers and agents grabbed as many witnesses as they could see and started asking them where the shots came from. Some said they saw them from the window behind them, which would have been the Texas Book Depository. Others were asked and stated that they came from the famous ?grassy knoll.? About an hour later, two Dallas policemen were shot dead, the suspect: Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald was caught and taken

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