Life With No Possibility Of Parole

Life With No Possibility Of Parole

American Court System
Life with No Possibility of Parole
Imagine receiving a 25-year prison sentence with no possible chance of parole. There is not even a way the sentence can be reduced from the start. For repeat offenders, this is becoming common in the American criminal justice system. Now imagine it is the first offence, and yet there is still a 25-year to life sentence imposed. This situation is quite common in many states, i.e. Michigan. The question must be asked: Are mandatory minimum sentences in drug offences truly just in today?s society Sentences like these are unfair to many of those convicted under them. Mandatory minimum sentences have been filling American prison systems with first-time, non-violent offenders, the majority of which are drug offenders. Since these sentences cannot be reduced, room has to be made for all of the incoming prisoners. In order for the room to be made, violent offenders are usually released early. Not only are these sentences unfair to the offenders, but because of the extreme sentences, they are costly to the American taxpayer.
Mandatory minimum sentences have a deep history in the American criminal justice system. There have

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