The Relation of the Matrix to the Bible

Robert Barnowsky Survey of Biblical Literature Mr. Magnusson November 21, 2008 The Relation of The Matrix to The Bible For you to really understand the relation between the Bible and The Matrix you must first understand the story and theory that goes along with them. The Bible is broken into two sections, Old Testament, and New Testament. The Old Testament is what the Jews believe to have happened; it’s their accounts of their history and of their God; it’s the events before Christ’s coming. The New Testament is the accounts of Christ’s birth, death and resurrection and His revelation.

The orthodox Jews do not believe in Christ as Lord God like Christians do; they are still waiting for their Messiah to come. But Christians believe in both Old and New Testaments and their prophecies and revelations. The importance of this is that The Matrix refers to Old and New Testament facts throughout the film and uses them to drive their story of Neo being the ‘savior’, or “the one”, thus correlating him to Jesus. The film is about a futuristic world where the enslavement of the human race lives for the sole purpose of keeping the machines alive (ironically created by the humans).

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The Matrix is basically a computer program controlled by the machines, to which the humans are connected to through their brain, to give a sense of reality. But in actuality it is not even real and we are used for our energy as a power source, or batteries to the machines. How the Matrix paralleled itself to the Bible can be seen many times throughout this film. One example is that they talk about the prophecy of the One who will be the salvation of them all. This can be seen in the Old Testament where God told about the coming of the Messiah.

Neo’s name in the Matrix is Thomas Anderson and can be related to ‘doubting Thomas’ in the bible when he doesn’t believe that he is the One. Early on in the film when Neo has to decide whether to find out the truth of the Matrix or be blissfully ignorant, he chooses the red pill. I think the choosing of the red pill represents Eve choosing to eat from the “fruit of the tree of knowledge”; thus having knowledge of sin and later resulting in the coming of Christ, or the One.

After Neo is freed from the Matrix he has to come to realization that he cannot go back and that the real world is a dim horrible place. You can kind of correlate the films ‘real world’ to our real world and the concept of Heaven. Humans are trapped in the Matrix as we here can perceive the same as this world being a trap, and going up to Heaven is like freedom from the Matrix. Another corresponding example is when Neo is finally freed from the Matrix, he comes out naked and through a canal, representing the birth canal and thus rebirth.

Biblically when you receive Christ as your Savior you are considered born again; Neo leaving the Matrix this way represents him finding the truth as it does in Christianity. Agent Smith, the main rival, is a sentient program in the Matrix; Smith is able to do almost everything Neo can. Agents are supremely powerful, and no one has ever survived an encounter with an Agent before. Agent Smith could possibly symbolize Satan who is the enemy of Christ and thus the enemy of Neo. Agent Smith tricks Neo at the beginning into thinking that Morpheus is a criminal and cannot be trusted.

Yet this can be correlated to Christ roaming through the desert for 40 days and nights, being tempted by the devil, but rejecting him and condemning him. Another example to support this is at the end when Neo fights Smith and defeats him; this is a demonstration of Christ going to hell for our sins and returning as the conqueror of evil and the redeemer of mankind. Also, anyone who is still in the Matrix can become an agent the same as the devil possessing the unbeliever. Agent Smith is the antagonist throughout this film as Satan is throughout the Bible.



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